I won an Auction and....

  1. Hi! I won an auction last week for a Rick Owens sweater which i wanted so bad.... I paid for it and was unhappily surprised to come home today and find out that my money was refunded because it was sold to someone else by mistake. I am so mad! Should I report them to e bay? They e mailed me saying that if i leave them negative feedback, they will do the same for me. I did nothing to deserve negative feedback as I honored my end of the contract. Are there rules against this kind of transaction? Thanks!:hysteric:
  2. You could file a complaint for non-receipt, but nothing would happen because the seller has already refunded your money. And I can't see how it was sold to someone else "by mistake." That doesn't happen. I'd just avoid this seller.
  3. Completely against Ebay rules. Report the seller for non performance. Here's the link...

    Seller Non-Performance

    Sorry this happened to you :sad:
  4. Now, if the person hadn't threatened retalitory feedback, I would be like, "okay, honest mistake. sucks, but everyone's human". But nope, negative feedback and reporting them is definitely warranted.
  5. Thank you everyone for all your help! I appreciate it!
  6. So sorry that happened.
  7. That is insane, the fault is on them and they threatened you to not leave negative feedback :cursing: Report them!
  8. In contract law, when one breaches a contract, the other party can sue for breach of contract. So, report it to ebay!!!!! (I'm studying law now, btw. ehee)
  9. Send a copy of the e-mail threatening a retaliatory negative to e-bay. If they retaliate I believe you can have it removed.
  10. Excellent suggestion!
  11. I would interpret that to mean that if you were paying $100 for the sweater, shortly after the auction ended, someone else emailed the seller and offered him $200.

    edit to add that yes, it is against eBay rules, yes, it is unethical, and yes, it appears to be occurring with increasing frequency, and yes, it further confirms my ever-growing conviction that eBay is NOT the place to purchase high-ticket items.
  12. If they send you negative feedback, reply to that (underneath the one you get) as "retaliatory: see feedback left for --seller's username--"

    Because that's just... not true! It was sold to you! And them saying, waaah I'll give you negative if you give me negative... yeah, give them negative, heh. Let us give you some drafts of exactly what to say, too.
  13. Thank you everyone for all your help!!
  14. totally agree. sounds like they just didn't want to sell it to you at that price.

    Personally, I have several ids that I use on ther to get revenge on sellers like that :biggrin: leave it a few weeks & the nbuy a bunch of their stuff & leave them lots of negatives. :biggrin: Wrong I know, but still, this person clearly is underhand or they wouldn't have sold YOUR top to someone else. & lets face it, the second you paid, it was your top, not theirs. They had no right to sell it.