I won a V-day gift for myself on eBay

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  1. I was not looking to buy one, but when I saw it at for a great price, BRAND NEW I knew I had to bid and win.

    I will post some proper pics when it arrives but this is the eBay pic.


    My boyfriend bought me a mini lin croisette speedy in red for Valentines day and gave it to me really early so I'll take some pics of them together.

    I am so in love with this cherry blossom cles :love:
  2. very cute, congrats :yes:
  3. haha I was watching that!!! I was planning to bid but figured it probably wouldnt be practical for me, I never seem to make use out of the cles's I already have so why buy another one? KWIM..
    CONGRATS tho!!!! Its adorable..
  4. Soooo pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. congrats, it's adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!
  6. so cute, I love that collection! Congrats!
  7. congrats
  8. Gorgeous, congratulations!
  9. Oh I saw that pretty on eBay as well!

    Congrats on getting it! I have always been in love with the beige cherry blossom line... :upsidedown:
  10. ooh i'm so jealous! I love the red/cream combo....and that patina is tdf!
  11. I love it, congrats.
  12. Congrats! very cute
  13. Niiice. :biggrin:

    I like the red/creme version over the other 2.
  14. Congrats! Love the color combination!
  15. Congrats, perfect colors for V-day!