I won a MAJOR PRIZE!!!

  1. Well....not really....I just bought a "major prize".

    Remember the movie The Christmas Story? Ya know....the one with the little boy who wanted a Red Rider BB Gun and his dad won a "major prize", which turned out to be a big, tacky leg lamp? Well....I just ordered one to display in my dining room window during the holidays!

    I live in a very nice neighborhood where people are always trying to "out do" each other with Christmas decorations. I thought that this would be so funny to display. The people that saw the movie would totally get the joke, however, the other people would think that I have no taste. That would make it even funnier!!!

  2. Best Christmas movie EVER!!

    That lamp is hysterical. I heard that there is a theme restraunt now & they sell mini ones in the gift shop, I wanna have dinner there.
  3. That is FANTASTIC!@!!!!!

    Where did you order this?!
  4. OMG that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: Love that movie!! Classic!! Where'd you get it? LOL, ya that would be totally cool to display that in the front window! OMG, love that!! :lol:

  5. Taco, that website that I got this from has: leg lamp stockings, Christmas lights, ornaments and stuff. It's so funny! They even sell decoder rings, Lifebuoy soap, Ovaltine and the wooden crates with FRAGILE written across it!

    They, however, did not sell the Red Rider BB Guns. You can download the telegram and Major Award certificate.

    If the lamp goes over well this season, next year I may do an entire window display with all the trimmings.
  6. Well, you know, cuz' we'd just shoot our eyes out & stuff.
  7. Too funny....my friend got this last year...after trying to make her own out of a barbie leg....lol
  8. That is so funny. That movie rocks.
  9. Awww...I looove that movie!! It has been forever since I have seen it.

    I love the lamp!!
  10. Great lamp and film!!! I love your style - it will be so funny if someone hasn't seen the film!!:yes:
  11. My whole family loves that movie. I'll have to show this site to them.

    Did it come in a crate that says "FRAGILE"? ;)

    "Fra-gee-lay...it must be Italian!"
  12. :roflmfao:

    Isn't that the funniest???

    You can actually get it with the wooden crate.
  13. Hahahaha!!!! Who doesn't love that movie? "You'll shoot your eye out!" ranks up there with the Brady Bunch quote " Mom always said don't play ball in the house!"

    Remember how he got his tongue stuck on the metal in the cold?!

    Your neighborhood will be impressed with the lamp for sure:roflmfao:
  14. I've been wanting to get my dad one of those forever. I saw little night lights like that somewhere too!