I won a fake bag

  1. After I paid for the item, I learned that the bag is not authentic.

    Since the seller stated in his/her item description, that it is "absolutely authentic & guaranteed" and "give full refund"

    Should I still be worried? I mean, why would anyone sell a fake one and put down such thing on their description? Why waste each other time?

    What should I do now?

  2. See, that's why I never put much faith in those "authentic or your money back" claims. All the seller has to do is empty his or her Paypal account, and even if Paypal rules in your favor, there is nothing they can do if the seller does not have available funds. They "freeze" the account, but that does nothing if the seller is a genuine fraudster (think low feedback, no reputation to lose if they choose to abandon a PP acct. or an eBay ID).

    I assume you would need to have proof that the bag is a fake; I don't know if TPF authentication is enough, perhaps you need written proof from an authorized retailer? If you have paid by credit card, you can always file a chargeback if a Paypal appeal doesn't work.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you... Please keep us posted as to how it turns out.
  3. Definitely file a dispute with Paypal and as bagatella says, mention that the bag has been authenticated as fake on the Purse Forum (and the reasons why) and mention any knowledge you have yourself about the brand; i.e. how long you have been interested in the brand (if a reasonable amount of time) and how many authentic bags of that brand you already own (if you do), especially ones that were bought from authorised retailers (mention which retailer).

    They may also ask you for additional proof, in which case, you could always get an authentication from My Poupette, for a small fee. :yes:
  4. "Returns for authenticity only- full refund including shipping both ways- no questions asked, although you will never need to with us, we only sell authentic items!"

    This is what the seller put down on his or her listing. Right now, I am thinking about sending the seller an email telling her/him not to send me the bag and I will pay for the listing cost.

    What do you gals think?
  5. I have done this before - it worked. It was for a fake Coach wallet. So I ended up paying $5 to get out of the fake bag deal.

  6. Why should you pay for the listing cost on a fake bag?! :shrugs:

    If they are scammers, I think it is highly unlikely that the offer to pay for the listing will get you a refund.

    IMO, what you should do is this:

    First, save the auction pics to your computer (just in case they get wind of a problem and remove them).

    Then file a dispute - if you contact them first, you run the risk of them removing all their money from their Paypal and bank accounts.

    If it is obvious from the pics on the auction that the bag is fake and the seller knows it, they are unlikely to want to bother sending the bag to you, anyway, just for you to confirm that the bag you receive is indeed a fake.

    Unless the whole thing is a scam, the seller will, almost certainly, choose to refund you, to avoid further problems. :yes:

    If not, escalate to a claim and see what Paypal have to say on the matter.

    Failing that, do a credit card chargeback.
  7. I think that's a great idea - try to work with the seller and cancel the deal. You can also try to inform the seller about the bag being fake and that he probably didn't realize it was counterfeit and you wanted to bring it to his attention. Also say that if he refunds your money, then you will post positive feedback that the seller works with you. I even mentioned to the seller he should try to get his money back from the eBay seller he bought it from, else file a paypail claim against her.

    I say all this because I also won an auction for what turned out to be a fake Dior Gaucho. I took the route I mentioned above and the seller was very grateful I brought it to his attention and immed. refunded my money in paypal. As promised, I gave him good feedback. I only hope he didn't try to sell it to someone who doesn't know any better.

    If the seller refuses to provide a refund, definitely run it by "authenticate this" and print out the discussion thread. I bought another fake bag and had to appeal thru PayPal and provide docs. I also did get an appraisal from My Poupette - which I sent to PayPal and helped me appeal my case (it was closed because of a delay in the appraisal). I just got an email from PayPal today that I AM getting my money back!!!

    I'd also caution you about returning the bag before receivign your refund. Hold on to it until you are refunded, at least that's what PayPal recommended to me. Good luck!
  8. Thanks chloehandbags.
  9. Actually, I think Chloehandbags' advice on filing dispute first (as opposed to contacting directly) is best.
  10. I see...

    To be honest, I just sent the seller an email about not sending me the bag. I guess if she/he still send it, then I will file a dispute and ask for a refund.

    I just want to get it over with.

    I am very grateful for all your help tonight. Many thanks!!!
  11. ^ Well, ultimately, it's your decision, of course. :yes:

    Hopefully, you'll be fine and the seller will just refund you, as promised. :tup:

    I just wouldn't be too inclined to believe the refund promises of a seller that vehemently claimed a fake bag was authentic, myself, that's all!

    Please let us know how you get on. :smile:

    No problem, BTW! :biggrin:
  12. Yes, you should always contact the seller first, it would be cheaper for her to refund you now than later.

    There is also no reason to pay the fees either. The seller just needs to file an UPI/mutual withdrawal from the transaction, AFTER she refunds your money, you respond to the UPI/MW stating that you agree to withdrawal and she will get her fees back from eBay.
  13. ^ I think it really depends on the seller, doesn't it?

    At this point, we really have no idea what they are like.

    If this seller is a well established member of eBay, with excellent feedback and no history of selling fakes, then, of course, one should assume that this is an oversight and contact them first; to give them a chance to put things right.

    But if the seller is a new one and/or already has two or more feedbacks for selling fakes, it would probably be wiser to assume that they are, almost certainly, not going to do the right thing and file a dispute before contacting them.
  14. Can you file a dispute before the bag is even shipped?
  15. ^ Good question! :yes:

    I assume so, otherwise, how would you file for non-receipt?

    Unless you can only file for non-receipt? :shrugs:

    If you could only file for SNAD once you received an item, that would be ridiculous, as what are the chances that a seller would advertise an obvious fake and then send you a genuine item?! :lol: