i won a bag on blueflys giveaway

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  1. didn't mean anything rudely by saying that..but IMO, when someone writes that as the post and then isn't "seen" in the thread very often thereafter it seems a lil fishy...so you calm down :smile:
  2. Pic please! I wanna see!
  3. wow, i guess it's time for me to play again. i had forgotten about it cuz i never won anything except like free shipping.
  4. It is not possible to win a bag because it is fake. Its time that everybody knows. My gf kept complaining abt not winning so i screen captured ( recorded the entire thing) while she was playing more than three times and analysed it frame by frame. the most you win is a 10% off. I have the video clips to prove it if anyone is interested. I hate it when companys fake things to get benefit....

  5. It's a predetermined thing. This sounds nerdy, lol, but just 'view source.' Before you even choose your bag it knows what you're going to receive. ie. extra play, free shipping, or 10% off. I've never won a free bag so I couldn't say what happens there. I've experimented with it after I thought of looking at it's html source. It doesn't matter what bag or shopping bag you choose in the end, you're going to get what Bluefly says you're going to get!
  6. hahaha?? are you for real? Your logic doesnt even make sense!! You analyzed it frame by frame? What good would it even do for you to "analyze" a a non-winning game? haha what would you even do to "analyze?" it?? Prove to you that your girlfriend did not win, yes. But it would not prove that other people can not win. haha i seriously laughed out loud at this post. It doesnt even make SENSE!!!!!!!!!!! you're telling me that the screen that popped up when I won, the confirmation email I instantly recieved and all the legal information I had to sign was all a figmant of my imagination??

    But keep thinking that, the less your girlfriend plays the more of a chance other people have. P.S. So kthx bye.
  7. Oh my goodness!! You aren't serious are you? It's not REALLY a game of figuring out which shopping bag the bag "lands" in! Go read the official rules.

    "There will be forty-five (45) random, computer-generated winning times during the Promotion Period, one (1) random, computer generated winning time per day during the Promotion Period. If you are the first player to play the Instant Win Game at or after one of the randomly generated times, you will be a potential instant winner of the prize indicated."

    You just have to play at the right time :weird:. I didn't know anyone took them literally. It's an instant win game not a game of who has the best eyes. :idea:
  8. You know, I applied for a Job at Bluefly a couple of years ago - they put me the through the RINGER at interview time ( like 5 interviews in one day) for an administrative job, then weeks later when they sent me the "you didn't get the job" letter, they included one of their wonderful 10% off codes with the rejection! I thought it was kind of tacky!
  9. Well, I played everyday but don't think I will be that lucky. Don't forget to post pics Sahree..I am sure we are anxious to see it.
  10. i will :smile: its not like i won the chanel or chloe or anything. but its still nice. ;)