i won a bag on blueflys giveaway

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  1. congrats! i never have such luck.
  2. Good for you, I played so many different games on Bluefly, but never win~


  3. i dont like blue fly that much.
  4. My mom won a bag on bluefly! Its a Chloe Silverado Doctor bag! The sweepstakes is for real, I wish all of you the best of luck!

    Do you know when the bags get sent out to the winners? Also, does anyone know anything about Chloe and/or this bag? It's very pretty from when I googled it... : )
  5. I find it very interesting that all these winners are people whose first post is in this thread...

    Anyways to the above poster, how do you know what bag your mom won? The bag that is displayed on the "winning screen" is not guaranteed to be the bag the winner will get.
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  6. Didn't someone win one of these bags on Livejournal.com the last time bluefly had this contest? The girl never followed up on receiving the bag...she just kinda disappeared. Maybe bluefly is kidnapping all their winners :wacko:

  7. :lol: good theory!!!!:lol:
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  8. they emailed her.
  9. I agree Jenny.. same as Lulu said, that lj chick just went *poof*

    I'll believe it when I see it. :biggrin:
  10. Wow fantastic. Someone actually won!! Congrats! now go play the lottery because you are one lucky girl!
  11. ack! I have been wanting to win one! Congrats! :P
  12. they emailed her with which bag she won. it takes 8-10 weeks to get it though so when it comes in ill get a pic. my mom really deserves it, she never treats herself to anything nice but always gets my sister and i nice things. shes the best!
  13. that's really cute :P
  14. Congratulations. I havn't won anything either:sad:
  15. Ditto! To all our lucky winners, be sure to post pics!