i won a bag on blueflys giveaway

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  1. omg congrats!!!! ive been playing every day hahhaa and i get 10% or free shipping often. CONGRATS CONGRATS!
  2. Congrats!
  3. if you read the fine print rules it's stated in there :amuse:
  4. Congrats! =)
  5. Omg... :nuts: FINALLY someone won a bag and it's one of our PF ladies! :love: Yayyyy!!! Just when I was starting to think it was a hoax... Congrats and do show pictures when you receive your prize!
  6. I'm sick of this game, but I play it everyday anyway. Then I don't win, and swear I'm not going to waste my time again. But, I always do. Glad to hear that someone actually won. Statistically, I wonder if I wouldn't have a better shot at being struck by lightening while sitting in my office?
  7. Are you the same girl in the LiveJournal community - handbagfetish?
  8. haha, yes. someone from that site told me that i should post this on here too!!
  9. Congrat...lucky You!
  10. does anyone want my free shipping code? i'm sure a lot of you have gotten these, but i have one, that i'm not going to use and i also have a 10% off code that i won't use either....message me if you'd like it!
  11. Congrats ... pls post pics of your prize when you receive it!
  12. Congratulations to you!! :biggrin:

    I never, ever win anything. :sad:
  13. me too, i never win anything...

    congrats sahree!
  14. The only thing I got was the 10% off...
  15. Great for you! Happiness is a wonderful thing.