i won a bag on blueflys giveaway

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  1. Finally!
  2. sahree - what time did you play it at?! Wow, you're so lucky! I've been playing it everyday and I've just gotten one each of 10% off, free shipping and 'bonus round' plays.

    :sad: I reckon we should band together and one person try every 15 minutes or so until someone wins. :P Don't know how we'll share the bag though... but at least we have the satisfaction of a group win!
  3. wow! congrats! lucky you! I've been trying and trying and so far only got a free shipping coupon. I was following the bag, now thanks to you, I'll just click anywhere. If it's my luck, I might win too. congrats again, I love Marc Jacobs!
  4. congrats! finally someone won at this game! you're the first person we heard that actually won something from bluefly, or I know of.
  5. Congrats.
  6. Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. Congrats! Yes, can't wait to see pics too!
  8. Congratulations! Too cool!
  9. Congrats! Lucky girl! :nuts: Be sure to post pictures of you carrying your new bag, we all want to see how it looks :love:
  10. Way to go!
  11. Wow you lucky girl!
  12. ill definitely post pictures!!!!!! :heart: thanks for all the kind words!!!

    i still cant believe i won . when you think about how many thousands of people are playing, and how you get like 3 chances to play (if you refer a friend), the odds are NOT in your favor.
  13. ya know what? i can't find this bag ANYWHERE online in any stores... only on Bluefly's website. I wasn't even sure what it's called. How come I can't find this bag for sale anywhere? Is it just not one of his more popular bags or what??
  14. Good for you! I'm sure you are very excited to see your new bag and so are WE! Pictures please when you get it!
  15. You are so lucky!! :smile: