I wished I would be a bad boy as Vlad…

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  1. ....but unfortunately I'm not ;).

    Actually I wanted to give myself a Utah Messenger, but 2050.- Swiss Francs are awful lot of money. So I sneek around louis vuitton and this bag for a few months.... and don't do it and buy something different and cheaper (but still expensive) :drool:

    Here it is, wanna see more ? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

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  2. let see!~
  3. Shouldn't this be in another sub-forum?
  4. Let's see!
  5. hello, are we gunna get a look LOL ! :nuts:
  6. @ elle

    OK, but which one...? There is no BALLY or MONTBLANC Sub-forum :yucky:
  7. a little more...

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  8. nice bag!

    at least you made some reference to LV in your post so it may be ok here... hehe

    although utah leather is expensive it is definitely worth the price for how long it holds up
  9. I have some LV, but this one goes to another brand

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  10. Hmmm...something is missing here...

    ...ah ja there it is....

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  11. WOW I am so surprised and SHOCKED that you happened to post this JUST as i am considering getting a montblanc messenger bag!!!!:P

    I went into the boutique here and found a nice medium-sized one (camera bag sized) and i really like it in the brown color...

    PLUS, $385 is not bad AT ALL...so im just trying to make sure its what i want before going for it ($385 plus like 200 in lv s/c could mean great things ;))

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say hey and i like your bag...A LOT!
  12. It looks very nice! I wish I could convince my DH to get a decent bag. He's too cheap.
  13. Great choice. Congrats! =)
  14. And here is the rest....

    Pic 18-20 is how to extend the bag

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