I wish

  1. Cabas had brass feet. Who wants icky spots on the bottom of their bag?

    And has it ever been done in EPI? I think that might be cute....
  2. Eeek. It would look so weird though!!!!

    You just gotta watch where you place your bag.

    Are you asking if the Cabas Piano ever been done in Epi? If so, then no.
  3. :shrugs:
  4. What wierd? The brass feet or the EPI? I think feet would look wierd too. But darn it I've got 4 kids and God only knows what some of my stuff goes through! LOL

    Do y'all think an EPI Cabas would be cute?
  5. Argh. Are you talking about the Antigua Cabas or the Cabas Piano? :p *confused*
  6. No i think the bottom set the cabas and mezzo off :smile:
    I say just watch where you set your bags down or go for the BH or popincourt haut.
  7. Cabas piano would look :yucky: with feet. As for the Antigua I guess since the denim baggy has feet. Still I treat that bag just like the rest.. NO FLOORS,hangs on a chair or sits on my lap.
  8. I wish they place feet on the nomade bags like they did with suhali lockit:yes:
  9. Piano in epi :yucky:
    No s/o it in damier :smile: that is HOT and less worry.
  10. i wish bags would never get ruined... so that they wouldnt need feet