I wish....

  1. I wouldn't have to go to work today!
  2. to have a better health
  3. I knew how to get out of this.
  4. ...I wasn't sick!
  5. I wasnt sleepy
  6. I was 15 pounds lighter.
  7. She wasn't going
  8. We had more time together....
  9. This town had more things to do.
    And that my mom's work had a picnic at the waterpark this summer.. I want to go but I hate going when the park is open to the public. Too crowded and the wait time for the slides can last an hour. This sucks

    I also HATE this android keypad. Too many damn typos and the spacebar is not responsive. Funny... i never had this problem with the ipod touch keypad. I wish the stupid period wasnt next to the spacebar. Sigggggh.
  10. for a happy day
  11. We could do this more often
  12. to find my perfect bag soon
  13. ...I didn't feel this way! I hate being sick!
  14. you would have been with me!
  15. I wasn't feeling so sick!