I wish....

  1. that Tuesday could come sooner :smile:!
  2. The warm weather would have lasted more than a day..
  3. ... spring would come:pout:
  4. That I had not procrastinated on this journal for my Advanced Patisserie class.
  5. I wish that I get the job on Friday!
  6. I could have slept longer.
  7. things aren't so expensive :push:
  8. I didn't have to work tonight.
  9. that my sa would call back already :push:
  10. That is wasn't so cold & wet!!! Spring break, my butt!!!
  11. That my brother's dogs hadn't died in their house fire. :cry:
  12. ^^^ so sorry to hear wetbandit.... :hugs:
  13. Thank you, Louis&Mark.
  14. It were time to go to bed right now haha