I Wish !!!

  1. Which one talent did you have as a child, and you wished you had worked at it. ?
  2. Singing!:rant: I was a wonderful singer in my youth and when I was a freshman in high school I had to choose between flute lessons or voice lessons - everyone said my voice didn't need lessons, and I was the dummy for listening! I still think about going and getting lessons ever year or so.

    In the mean time, my top of the line flute, continues to get pad rot and tarnished in the back of a closet.:angel:

    What about you Pradasmeadow?
  3. Dancing. I took pretty much every dance class available from the age of 3 to 12 or 13 and decided that I didn't like it anymore. I wish I had stuck with it.
  4. When I was in elementary I was a very talented volleyball player. I was the top player until I went to highschool. I was told by a lot of people that I should play and that I'm very good at it but I didn't stick to it. Now I regret it because I love the game. I probably can't even spike it anymore let alone try to serve the ball.
  5. drawing!!!!
    i was really good and always took good marks, hope one day i'll be able to improve this talent and finally become a fashion designer...:shame:
  6. I wish, I had continued with my love and ambition to play the piano.:cry:
    But its never to late i guess.
  7. Ice Skating. I used to compete when I was young and was pretty good. I always wished I would have continued in that. I started when I was only 3 years old so by 7 or 8 I was tired of doing it. I wish someone would have pushed me a little bit though.
  8. Me too!! When I was young, I used to dream of attending Julliard but I got lazy. I wish I had continued to practice and take lessons.
  9. Figure skating. I was good as a kid, and I still take lessons now, but darn it falling hurts a heck of a lot more now that I'm older so I'm not willing to try the hard jumps anymore:cry:
  10. Sculpture, fashion design and film! I had a crazy artist uncle so my parents discouraged my artistic leanings (he lived in Soho and used to go to Studio 54, later he moved overseas).

    I used to make some of my own clothes, I took some art classes in college and I co-directed a short film that was shown across the country, unfortunately I also got into a great law school and it seemed like the easy way out. :rolleyes:

    Lately I've really been missing being creative so I signed up for a jewelry making class. Its really hard! We're talking handtools! But I'm excited and I'm starting to make sketches. I think its good to go back to things that you were drawn to.
  11. Playing the piano too!
  12. Playing the violin. I spent so much time practicing that I felt like I missed out on life. In college, I decided that I didn't want to be part of the orchestra anymore and eventually I quit playing. I haven't picked up my violin ever since. I always wonder where I would be today if I hadn't quit :huh:
  13. I'd love to learn how to play the guitar.
  14. Piano! I wish I'd never given up the lessons as a child. I've started playing again now, but it would have been a whole lot easier if I'd just carried on learning when I was young.
  15. I have an opposite one. :shame:

    My mother had me start taking piano lessons when I was 4. I was forced to take them until I graduated from HS, so I took piano lessons for 16 years!!! Because we were military, I had many teachers -- all of them extremely good and I became a fantastic pianist at a young age. It was not an option for me to quit taking lessons.

    I hated the piano. Hated, hated, hated it! My mom made me practice a minimum of 1/2 hour a day when I was little and by the time I was in HS, I was practicing about 2+ hours a day -- sometimes as much as 4 hours. I was very good at it, very talented at it. I'd always tell my mom how much I hated it and she would always say "you'll thank me for this one day!"

    Well, I'm 44 now and I still won't thank her. I played for the school choir and church during HS. I used all my great talent during college by playing professionally in nightclubs, weddings and teaching piano lessons for the money (good money, BTW) and as soon as I graduated, I swear I haven't hardly touched a piano since! I do NOT like it -- never did, never will. I have a gorgeous piano that was my gift when I turned 10 years old. Each year, I have it tuned during the high humidity season.

    When my daughter was younger, I asked if she wanted to take lessons and she never did. I never forced her either! :lol: She plays the trumpet and she loves it.

    I DID play the piano last year one time... someone asked me if I could still play and although it had been at least 5 years since I had, I sat down with an old piece and played perfectly. Heck, I can play with my eyes closed even though I'm out of practice.

    My mom now admits she should've saved her money and she should've listened more to me, but she said when she was a young adult, all the popular girls were the ones who could play the piano at parties!

    I guess she wanted me to be like that because she had always wished SHE could be like that. Although she was probably the most popular girl anywhere she went -- and still is. Her personality is just so outgoing and she's so much fun. :love:

    The talent I wish I could've stuck with was horseback riding. I adored it! Took lessons whenever we lived in an area that I could, but it was not always available to us, especially when living in Japan and some other countries.