I wish to alter a handbag...Need your opinion...

  1. OK...Here goes...I will attach a photo of the auction I won. The thing is...I thought the color was off a bit for the wooden bead at the end of the rope. Thing is...It was right on. The one is a bright blue...And the color isn't even in the bag.

    I want to either paint or remove the bright blue bead at the end of the cord.

    choices of paint...
    white as the one below the blue so it would be a blue bead in the middle of white.

    Maroon or Yellow as there is also those colors in the bag.

    What would you do...If you didn't like that bright blue bead? Other than the bead color I really like the bag...:rolleyes:
  2. :rolleyes: It would help if I showed a picture of "said" bag...
  3. My first choice would be white. If not white, then yellow. I think that would look the best with the other two beads. Great bag!

  4. Thanks...I think your right with yellow...But...:sad:...I was afraid that the paint wouldn't chip and the nasty blue would show...So I ended up removing the bead...

    Just dug the beads out of the trash...I may sand them and then paint it yellow...I was looking a the bag...And since red,blue,and white is more dominant than the yellow. The yellow bead would brighten it up a bit...

    So my bag may not be done just yet...But I can at least use it without HATING that nasty bright blue bead...
    IMG_2165 (3).JPG
  5. It looks fine without the bright blue bead. If you don't like the bright blue bead, leave it off. It's your bag, enjoy it how you want it. It's probably better you didn't paint the bead. It probably would have chipped or the blue paint would have shown through. You could add another bead, but then you have to find one that looks enough like the other two so the new bead doesn't clash.
  6. go to a craft store and pick out some funky beads... i liked the bright blue bead though.. hehehe
  7. I think it looks fine with the two.
  8. Yeah, it totally looks fine without it! You could sand and paint it, but it really looks just great if you don't want to do to the trouble.
  9. Love to see what it'll look like after your done with it. Post pics!!!
  10. Thanks everyone! I may just leave it...Though I will keep the bright blue bead "just in case I change my mind"...But I was talking with a neighbor about it. And she said she would leave it as well...For there is also the color of Orange in the bag...And blue and white goes with just about any color. Thus it matches well with the bag and the other colors don't clash...

    I hadn't noticed the orange in the bag...I just got the bag yesterday. And other than removing that bright bead...Put it up until I plan on using it.

    [QUOTEgo to a craft store and pick out some funky beads... i liked the bright blue bead though.. hehehe ][/QUOTE]

    Luna...Well see then the person creating had you in mind for that bag~ Makes sense some people would like it...It had sold out at the store it sold in fast I guess...Madras gotta love it! (Though I liked your idea of adding some funky beads from a craft store...And replacing the beads on it.)

    My son actually had me on the look for one. I got him the cutest pair of shorts...In Madras style. And kept saying how much I loved his shorts...He rolled his eyes and said...MOM GO FIND YOURSELF A PURSE LIKE THEM THEN!...And thus...I did~:graucho:

    BagsRmyLife...If I do alter the bag further...I will post pictures...Thanks for everyones input!:tup: