I wish they would make a Vernis Speedy....

  1. Seriously!
    I would be soo happy if they made a Speedy in Vernis !!!

    Especially in the Pomme color! *droools*

    What do you think? :wlae:

    I want a RED speedy but not sure if I'm feeling the red EPI line..

  2. Maybe you can SO a red one.

  3. Really? I've never did a custom special order. How do those work?
    Do they charge a lot more?
  4. Don´t we all.
  5. Wasn´t it so that Speedy wasn´t SO´d? Or am I remembering something wrong:confused1:
  6. You can't SO vernis, the only pieces available were those bucket bags in broze and red.
  7. wait. then how did they get SOed?
  8. Yep the Speedy was made especially for Japan..I'll post the search links..
  9. Well the pieces were actually available in the store..they'd have a display with the bag and it would say "available by order only."
    But that was the only piece they ever made that was SO in vernis.
  10. I love the Vernis accessories..but not too crazy about the bag styles...:push:
  11. ^ agreed. I'd just be way too terrified of taking out a Houston and getting it scraped up!
  12. Yeah I remember that one, it´s beautiful:love: But all in all you can´t go SO a Speedy in the US for example?
  13. Nope, definitely not possible. I wish it was though, I'd love if they made that style.
    Who knows, maybe they eventually will, seeing as how much success the Speedy has had in virtually every line it's created for.
  14. WOW :nuts: This bag is AMAZING! I wish LV would just make it for retail :yes: