I wish they made the Baggy GM in Mono Canvas

  1. I think the Baggy GM is adorable, but the denim is just not me.
    I adore the shape and size, I would buy one prontissimo if they made it in Mono Canvas. :love:
  2. I think the Hudson GM is very similar in style, not quite as long.
  3. Wouldn't it be kind of stiff though ? Like the baggy's shape is so fluid, I could only possibly see it also in mini monogram.
  4. Yep. i think the baggy only looks good b-cuz of the flow of the denim.
    I don't think it would work on the canvas IMO.
  5. ^^^ That's a good point...but I do think they make a softer mono canvas, the ruched part of the Mizi and the Macha Waltz seem to be made of a softer material than say what the Speedy is constructed of.
  6. I would so buy that!

  7. NO WAY!! Please don't worry about what's in and out of style. You'll never be able to keep up that way...none of us would. :wacko:

    I am buying a denim speedy (blue) and a denim baggy from a forum member and still also plan on buying a fuchia speedy.

    To heck with trends. i will wear my bags as long as I like :P
  8. The Hudson GM is darling, but the body is too short for me. I like the elongated look of the Baggy.
    And no way vis a vis the trendy factor of the denim. I think that with the hardware and the leather, it is a fun, classic look.
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