I wish they had vernis in...

  1. Orange or Navy blue with silver hardware..What colors would you all like to see in vernis?:biggrin:
  2. Navy blue would be great! Blue is my favorite color.
  3. Have you seen their indigo color? It's like a dark blue/purple, you should go see it; I think it's pretty. Almost got a maple drive in that color. :nuts:
  4. To me, the blue available right now is pretty much navy.

    I would like to see the return of a pale pink! Also a light orangey/cream color (like champagne roses). Maybe pastel purple!

    I really like the lighter colors.
  5. Maybe blush or lilac or light blue. :nuts:
  6. baby blue or pink. looks sweet.
  7. Pale yellow. I like yellow :nuts: Something like a mint or seafoam green, too.
  8. A light yellow would be really cute. So would a gunmetal grey.
  9. I think Vernis has been out in all of these colors. The pastel ones were 2002-2003. I'm sure LV will bring them back! Lavender is my favorite.
  10. You know Mono Matt has navy blue, I love it (was it leather?), I don't know why they stop it. The small shoulder bags from that line was so subtly classy, great for work as well as going out. I regret why I didn't get it then, I guess I never thought they would stop that line. I started staying away from Monogram now but I'd get the Matt anytime.

  11. Yep, I've noticed a pattern lately where LV brings out variations of past vernis colours. For example, framboise vs. fushchia; noisette vs. beige; marshmallow vs. baby pink.

    I wonder if orange and green will be next...
  12. a buttercream yellow would be nice! :love:
  13. grassy green!
  14. Yes yes... green all the way! :biggrin:
  15. I could go for a Coral and a pink-beige. Something that you could totally match with an understated nailpolish and look absolutely fabulous.

    The Indigo out now is yummy! I really like all their blues they've done in the range.