I wish the mono wapity had the smaller print!

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  1. Isn't it so much cuter with the smaller print?


  2. :yes:

    I love the small print! So adorable!
  3. I agree, I would love the Mono with the smaller print. I love the smaller print on the MC Cles also. I think its because it's the classic Monogram look. But wouldn't it be fun to have the smaller print on the Wapity. Good post! I never thought about it, but I know the Monogram had the bigger LVs.
  4. I like the small print to.
  5. The same goes for MC pouchette, it would be so much cuter with the small print as well!
  6. twinkle... That would create a whole new generation of the iconic monogram.
  7. welcome to the club lol. i think monogram should have the smaller print as well, and the leather on it too like some of the mc accessories do
  8. Yes! I never thought of that, that would be so cute...and think about like matt said, a mono cles with mini print....uh, would be so cute!
  9. I swear I was thinking that since the multicolor accessories came out! I think it would be much prettier, like mini lin but in canvas... yes please lol (or better not, for my wallet's sake) hehe
  10. I wish the print was smaller too. But I still love my mono wapity!
  11. yeah, i wish it had the smaller print as well....
  12. Forget a smaller print mono wapity...show us the DAMIER wapity!!!!:yahoo:
  13. ^^^yeah, I want that too!
  14. You read my mind! I was thinking bout the exact same thing! I would love it if LV recreated the Mono into the smaller print.
  15. I've never thought it, but ITA now! Why don't they have you at corporate helping make descions? ;)