I wish my favorite LV bag had _______features.

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  1. Although I have had a problem with the Galleria rings, it is still my favorite LV bag that I have.

    That being said, if I could redesign this bag, I would want it to have a zipper and more usable pocket space inside. I love the feet at the bottom, the shape and the PM size is perfect for me.

    What is your favorite bag, and what features do you wish it had?
  2. I love my speedys...but I wish the azur and ebene came in 40!!! I wish the eva clutch had a little inner pocket. I wish the NF in Ebene didn't have so many strap cracking issues.. Other than that....no complains :roflmfao:
  3. I wished the speedy had feet on the bottom and was super structured.
  4. I wish my saumur 30 has handles! If I tire of wearing the strap, I would like to be able to elbow or shoulder carry it.

    That being said, I wish more bags had both handles and a strap. I like my Mono Neo because it has both and I can carry it by hand, on my elbow, wear it on my shoulder with the handles, and wear it cross body or by shoulder using the strap.

    I am looking for another bag that is larger and has both handles and strap. Open to ideas!
  5. I wish they wouldn't make the Vernis Brea with a vachetta trim. Make it all one piece patent leather like the epi Brea.
  6. Speedy with feet would be nice. A DE in 40 would be great too.
  7. Women's products in Taiga leather & Damier Graphite canvas.
  8. That would definitely make the Speedy amazing!!! I love the bags with the feet!
  9. I wish My Sully MM has the D-ring.
  10. I wish the NF had a zipper for more security. I don't own one yet because of the lock; otherwise I find it really beautiful and a ready favorite
  11. I wish my Delightful MM had a zipper closure.
  12. + 1 !!!!:smile:
  13. I actually love my Mahinas and Gallieras just the way they are.
  14. I'd like my Speedy's with more inner pockets and one outer side pocket like the epi's. I'd like for the Totally to have feet on the bottom. I'd like the DE Eva with a smaller plate & my Josephine wallet to have more card slots. :balloon:
  15. The odd thing is that a lot of fake Speedys have feet. One would think it would be the other way around, huh?

    Anyway, I wish that ALL of my LV bags had more efficient compartment space...bigger cell-phone pockets (the ones that LV uses are SOOOO outdated; made for a mid-90's flip-phone!). Most of them could use a second interior pocket, too. The Eva doesn't have one at all, and every time I carry it, I think about the fact that it should.
    Things get lost in that huge single pocket in my NF, that one needs to be compartmentalized big time. Not enough storage for small items in my EE Alma MM either, for such a huge bag. It needs one more pocket inside. The zip pocket in my BH could be bigger. The patch pocket in my Croissant MM could be gusseted in both sides to hold more.

    Another thing is that they should go back to solid-brass hardware! No more of the plated stuff...it just doesn't feel or wear in the same way.

    One more thing is that the NF strap issue REALLY needs to stop...it's been 5 years since that bag was first released, and LV has yet to address and resolve this problem; that's ridiculous.