I wish, I wish.... for a Violet Money Wallet...

  1. Well, I have decided I MUST have a violet money wallet.:nuts: I am needing just a small touch of violet in my life, I've been trying really hard to resist....but I'm not feeling very strong right now.:p

    I would looooooove a Makeup clutch, but I know that's like finding a needle in the haystack. So, I am hoping a money wallet is still out there with my name on it since it's my fav wallet and I would be so happy to have one in violet. Would be PERFECT!!!!:tup:

    Any sightings, please pm me and I will jump! Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. Barneys Seattle had one a few days ago! Good luck!
  3. There is no buying or selling on the PF! Please re-read the rules. Thank you.
  4. I got my violet mo-ney, I got my violet mo-ney.....:wlae:

    AND.......I got a CITY!!!!! :nuts:........:yahoo:

    They just got it in, can you believe it? Soooo, I had a moment of weakness and it's on it's way to ME!

    Thanks for the Barney's tip ladies! I didn't know I'd be getting a matching set.:p
  5. Congratulations Bella! Make sure to post when they arrive ... I can't wait to see!
  6. Thank you ahertz! I will definitely post pics!