I wish I never returned my E/W flap :(

  1. I bought it right before the price increase and then returned it and bought the Timeless Clutch instead which I love. But now I want the E/W back and it's just so pricey. It was pricey then for what it is and now it's crazy!!!! :crybaby:

    I should have never returned it.
  2. How much is it now? I got my red E/W lambskin from eBay for $900 last year but at the time I still didn't think it was a good enough deal..
  3. Oh I've done that too.
    as for the e/w there are so many really pretty colors and choices coming out - I hope you buy another one that you love even more :smile:
  4. Well when I bought it pre price increase it was $1350! Now it's like $1750. A bit much for what it is. Especially being I bought the Medallion at $1895 pre price increase.
  5. awww starbrite, we'll always have our regrets in life but try not to think about it too much!! plus the timeless clutch is fab!!

    if it makes you feel better, i regret not getting the jumbos back when they were $1650!!!!!!!!
  6. eBay might be the way to go instead. The e/w really is so pricey.
  7. It's ok, starbrite, I've been in the same place, the regret really does kill sometimes. Luckily the sweet girl that I sold mine to ended up selling it right back to me! Sometimes when fate knocks, you never know when it may be your turn to find a dream bag at a great price in the future- I am confident that it will happen for you soon! :yes:

    Plus they do pop up on eBay sometimes for a good price. What color and material are you looking for? I will keep an eye peeled for you.
  8. Well, even if you end up getting a new one, guess what -- the new ones have a pocket on the back.
  9. We've all done something like that..me too. But don't regret as I'm sure something you love even more will come along for the right price! Sadly price increases are a fact of (our shopping) life.........
  10. Believe me you are not the only girl on this earth to feel such pain! When and if you do get this bag again- for sure you'll treasure it so much more!!
  11. Maybe you can luck out and get one of the collection collors on sale during the summer sales.
  12. Maybe you can get one during the Saks EGC event, with buying some other items to make it to $2,000, so at least you can get #300 GC back.

    That is how I am comforting myself not getting a jumbo when it was $2,250.
  13. ahhh, I also know how you feel, it SUCKS!!!
  14. I can understand too....same that happened to me, i have to buy them at even higher price which i didn't do so before the pre-price increase.

    Nowadays, even those e/w sold on ebay (esp those rare colors) are sellin at USD1800.
  15. The one I had, had the pocket on the back!!! :cry: