I wish I loved my Black City...

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  1. My poor black city is dry and crackly. It has practically no wrinkles or veins, and no character. =( I got it from Bal NY in Jan/Feb. I didn't know any better regarding the leather because it was one of my first bbags, otherwise I would have sent it back and picked another one. Worse, the back of the bag is sagging more than the front, so it's doesn't slouch evenly. I don't want to buy another one, because I have this one and there are so many other colors to get (if I were going to spend another $1200!). BUT on the other hand, I mostly wear my Black City, so I wish I loved it! =( Probably sounds silly, but I want to cry...
    black 001 467x350.jpg black 002 467x350.jpg
  2. Just as I was posting this thread, the door bell rang and UPS delivered my White City...so I feel a little better. =)
  3. This is my black without flash.
    black 003 467x350.jpg
  4. Do you think you can tell Balenciaga that and get a replacement? I mean for $1200 you want the leather to be nice and the bag to wear evenly rigth? I mean I may be talking out of my rear end as I am not a bbag owener (sadly, but plan on being one soon).

    But for that money I would definitely call them and see what you can get out of it.
  5. Have you tried using Lubriderm to moisturize/condition it? It's amazing how much better it can make a bag look!! I would try that before you sent it back to see if it helps. :yes:
  6. ^^ sorry you don't love her girl :crybaby:

    p.s. i think moisturizing her will help alot :heart:

  7. ditto. If was in this position, I would moisturize it. I think you'll see great results. BalNY more than likely won't take it back.
  8. ^^ totally - throw some lubriderm on that poor girl and she'll totally soften up!
  9. Yup, lube her up... can't hurt to try :yes:
  10. I think the problem is that after 10 days you can't exchange the bag with BalNY. They will claim that the OP should have made that decision within the given timeframe.

    I would do what Sassy recommends and try to moisturize the bag....HTH!
  11. i wouldn't use lubriderm. try apple guard conditioner first...
  12. I know how you feel... But frankly, to me, the pics show great potential for this bag. With a little bit of love and moisturizing it could be 1000% :drool: If you don't want to treat her, I say sell her and buy a new black city.
  13. And man, in the third pic the leather reminds me of the 03 smooth smooshy leather... She's a stunner to my eyes!
  14. BalNY isnt going to take it back. And I am 100% opposed to treating bags with any appleguard crap (lots of chemicals you dont want on your leather), and opposed to treating bags in general. BUT, my daughter just lubed her Courier with Lubriderm a couple of weeks ago and I must say its 1000% better. It was dry also.

    I had a black City and when it started to get the teensiest bit dry looking I sold it and moved on to another bag. No regrets!
  15. Thanks all you wonderful people! I have not tried to treat her yet, as I have not treated any bag. I suppose my choices are just those, moisturize or sell and rebuy. I really don't want to spend the extra money right now, so I'm going to give it a shot. But I've read threads supporting Appleguard, others support Lubiderm, and then others...LMB. I feel like I only have one shot with this bag (lol), so which is it?! :confused1: