I wish i lived closer to a lv store. Frown

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  1. I always have to do my due diligence online and wish I could touch and feel I connection with all my purchases. I'm thankful to all the youtubers bc I would really be buying cold turkey if it were for the videos.
  2. I feel for you!!!! I am very close to three lv locations....and yes...its so nice to see items up close before you decide if you want them or not!!!!
  3. I agree. Personally, I like to do some "recon" online for a couple weeks when looking for a new bag. It's nice to get opinions, reviews, sizing reference pictures, detail photos, etc that the LV site may not offer. Once I've studied up on the items I'm most interested in, only then will I go to the store and check them out, seeing as it's hard for me to walk into an LV store and leave empty handed!!

    Funny thing for me is that I live close to 3 locations, including one flagship store, but completely prefer the smaller locations to make purchases at. I've found that the flagships tend to always be packed with tourists browsing to kill time, people who just want to see the retail space for the hell of it, or others who just like to gaze at all of the eye-candy around.

    At the smaller locations, there's ALWAYS been an SA available to help me, and because they don't get as many people in the store, you get to have more personable interactions with the SA's and products, too.
  4. I concur! The closest LV store is 5-6 hours away in any direction, so I study TPF and YouTube before purchasing online. I too, am thankful for everyone's posts, photos, and videos which makes buying sight unseen somewhat easier.
  5. I agree! TPF, YouTube and google its all wonderful. I must have researched for months prior to getting my Galliera back in July and it tends to make me more confused sometimes. It's wasn't until my husband drove me to our closest LV (only about 45 mins) that I absolutely knew that was the bag. The SA was awesome, I must have tried on 10 bags. But touching it, looking at it against my body in the mirror, looking inside, it's just makes the experience so much more amazing and you just know...
  6. I wish I lived closer to a store too. But then I remember; Be careful what you wish for! :P
  7. This is true!
  8. Exactly! I'm the opposite, I live within 20 minutes to my LV and I kind of wished I lived further away because I've spent wayyyyyyy to much money in LV this year.
  9. Me too! I wish I lived alot closer to one.. I want to get a zippy wallet but am torn between the classic monogram & the vernis pomme d'amour! :sad:
  10. I just bought my first LV this month and did all my research online through this forum and YouTube. I'm SO thankful for the videos, getting to see the bags "in action". I am about an hour and a half away. Probably good I don't live closer, or else I'd constantly be in there looking around! I'd be that annoying lady that constantly looks, but doesn't buy haha.
  11. It is tough!! The majority of my purchases have been online rather than in store. Although since there are no LV stores in my state I like online for saving sales tax :graucho: So totally worth it, especially on my Sofia Coppola! But ti would be nice to have the option to run into one to try things on without it being a day trip.
  12. At least you can return in the US. I live close, but I never get the chance to debate. And being American, I really wish I had that chance. I'm so used to buying, trying at home, letting it sit for a week to see I I'm tempted to use it, and taking it back if it just isn't right. In holland that's a no-go. Store credit only (issued withing 30 days), and valid for a year. I'd rather buy online and have the freedoms to debate and be picky in my own way.