I Wish I Knew How To Quit H

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  1. It just doesn’t make sense. No where else in my personal life or professional life would I put myself out there, giving of both my time and money and only to hope for something in return. Chasing a bag only to be rejected? Time and time again. Sounds crazy, right? Why do it? I wish I knew how to quit Hermes... I have to quit H for my sanity and ego, if nothing else. I can no longer take the rejection. At least my bank account will thank me. But H won’t care or even miss me when I’m gone. There’s always someone else waiting for a chance to get with H. :smile:
  2. Sound so depressing. I was once like this. But then I forgot and I find myself keep wanting and keep returning :smile:):biggrin::facepalm::eek::blush::love:
  3. I don't know how much you are spending in relation to the bags you are being offered, but yes rejection is depressing and that can be overwhelming. The other side of the coin (as it were) is the question "why do I have so many H bags and why do I keep buying more, simply because they are offered?" Kind of the same idea -- don't need more bags, don't use the ones I have often enough, etc.

    I think these are both questions that H collectors ask themselves every so often. But you are right -- H won't miss you and your bank account will be happier -- and it could be the right thing for you right now. Just as a decision to stop acquiring can be for others.

  4. Have you thought about getting exactly what you want from a reseller? Would the instant gratification of getting your exact specs be so satisfying it might end your quest.....at least for a while.
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  5. This! Even when you are stable at 2 quota bags a year or 1 per semester, it’s still a finite game. Socialites aside, how many handbags can a non socialiate carry? I feel I’m getting to the point where 1 bag a year will suffice cos I’m just not rotating my bags enough. Long term the decision to stop acquiring is inevitable.
  6. You can take a break, you know. You don't have to abruptly stop. Just stop for the summer, something like that. Or, sell some bags you don't use enough.
    You raise an interesting point: it's hard to turn down bags when they're offered. I have tended to think that's an enviable position.
  7. On the bright side it’s hard to make an impulse purchase with H. Do what feels right for you if you want to stop then stop!
  8. I want 1B, 1c and 1K. And I got them, carry an expensive bag sometime stress me, and chasing more bag even more stress, So quitting is not a bad idea if possible and certainly the bank acc be happy too.
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