i wish i had...

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  1. ive fallen in love with the fushia mable. i looked online a week ago and wanted to buy the medium size, but when shopping i saw this size in real life and felt it was to big for me, and though id get the small, ive gone back on the website to find the small fushia mable is gone:tdown:

    has anyone seen one anywhere, the medium is still being sold in the sale in a store near me but i would prefer a small one.

    i wish i had got it when i saw it!
  2. hello..
    you could ring around the Mulberry stores. Bond street had loads when I went a few weeks ago. They will post to you for £7.50
  3. You could try House of Fraser, they seem to have some a while back..
  4. wow mbm....have just looked at your ever increasing collection!
    Beautiful but the little red Paddy is still my favourite...so cute.
  5. thanks girls x
  6. have a look at julesB website- sure i saw it on there earlier (but didn't check if it was in stock)
  7. thanks do you have the actual website??
  8. lol i know, some bags i dont have anymore, ive been using bonanzle rather than ebay.
    still ever growing though!!
  9. yeah they have the blue on mulberry.com
  10. Keep an eye on Mulberry.com because sale stock is still being added back in every so often.
  11. ok thanks will do.
  12. Try Mulberry Edinburgh.
  13. I was in London 9-11 Jan and there where loads in every Mulberry store (The one in Bond st. has a full stock hidden, I saw it when I asked for the medium one! Harvey Nichols also had it!
    Good luck!
  14. ok thankyou i will ring round! ideally i want to pay 50% of like on the website.