i wish i had this kind of money to spend.

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  1. have you guys ever heard of bryan boy? i swear he has the most expensive bags i've ever seen, and one of the largest bag collections to rival paris hilton. ok i might be exaggerating there, but take a look at his website.


    he's obsessed with fashion and bags, and yes he's gay. but he's gay and fabulous from the thirld world! he's a celebrity from the philippines i believe.

    some quick photos to peak your interest.



  2. Yessss !! I love Bryanboy and his total unabashed consumerism !

    Don't forget his other website, very interesting - pictures of his reader's handbag contents at http://www.insidemybag.com/
  3. oh yes, i forgot the link to that one. mine was featured on that, the metallic balenciaga! totally made my day. [​IMG]

    that's me and my friend. that made my week when he posted it on his site. haha!
  4. Oh my god, that's you !? Totally awesome ! :nuts:

    (nice bags too !)
  5. yeah that's me on the right, i'm a shorty, 4 feet 11 without shoes...
  6. Don't worry, I'm a fellow shorty.. I'm only 1 inch taller ! :embarasse
  7. Thanks for those great sites!!:biggrin:
  8. I love bryanboy! I was thinking of doing a bag guts pic but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. Now I have a MAJOR amount of work for today! I started reading his sites and now I have to read ALL THE OLD POSTS! So funny!
  10. I just checked out this dude's site and I have to say, I found his attitude toward animals to be highly offensive. I am not trying to offend anyone, but the fact that he had pictures of dead animals nauseated me. The pictures of the dead fox were horrific and cruel. Yes, I am vehemently opposed to fur, but usually I try not to critique other people's choices. But this was too much. How barbaric can you be? Posting pictures of dead animals? Defiant and disgusting!
  11. The guy definitely crosses every single line he comes to. So much of it is tasteless. But so much of it is funny.
  12. Oh my... I don't even know where to start. But the attached picture sums up quite a bit about this fruit.

    P.S. Trent from PinkIsTheNewBlog beats this guy by miles. ;)

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  13. Don't mind him, he's just purposely trying to stir sh*t and get attention. Hah!
  14. Like I said, I am not trying to offend, and I do get sensitive when it comes to animals. I am a leather-wearing vegetarian so obviously I cannot claim the moral high ground. But for me that was just too over the top! It really upset me a lot.
  15. I like Trent...Vlad, forgive me for my lack of perceptiveness, but are saying Trent is worse than Bryan whatever his name is? I couldn't tell if you were being facetious or not...my bad.