I wish I could try stuff on before I order

  1. :sad: My store just doesn't have kellys on the shelf very often. I want to order one, but I'd really like to try on different sizes and fondle different leathers first. My sweet SA said she'd take my order to podium this week, but I am not sure what I want !!! It is the most frustrating thing about Hermes for me. I guess I will have to wait until February and hope to get a chance to see some bags in the meantime....
  2. lulilu, I know what you mean.....I don't live near a boutique. And sometimes my poor old brain just can't wrap itself around a certain size or color/leather combo well enough to let me envision a piece on me.

    So, I either decline or hope to see it some day in real life or take a chance and request it.:girlsigh:*sigh*

  3. I think you can fondle different leathers on different pieces. So you can get a feel what you look (slouchy or stiff?) then you can see what size Kelly suits you best... you mention they do sometimes have them.