I Wish I Could Tell You!!!!!!!

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  1. But I'm waiting for the FEDEX tomorrow so you'll have pics!
  2. Man, what a tease.:p
  3. you ladies in the H forum are such teases. you kill me!
  4. we will need at least some specs. at least what type of bag
  5. How exciting! I have a feeling this is going to be a great week of reveals!
  6. How about a few hints so we can play guess what coming????
  7. It's big!! And colorfull!!
  8. big bird!!!
  9. this is worse than a striltease !! But youll put us through that misery too!
  10. I've been had!!! Turns out that it's not our TRL, naughty boy!!
  11. any hints????
  12. I cannot stand waiting for these 'unveilings'...just tooooooooooooooooooooo much waiting:supacool::graucho:
  13. BIG and COLORFUL???!!!! maybe a little other hint ? like uhmmmmm leather or fabric or something ???!!!