I wish I could find a....

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  1. Night Blue Nikki :crybaby:

    If anyone comes across one and would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, I would be so grateful! Also, if there is a bag you are looking for, I will put my RM bag-hunting skills to use for you!:yes:
  2. yes GUNG~ i dearly need your help~ please refer to my signature~
  3. I was just going to post The Hip Chick too! FYI, it looks like it's being reproduced with the new hardware.
  4. No problem! I would have snatched it up myself if I didn't already have the Night Blue MAM. You should definitely get it!

    Now, if you can only help me locate the original version of the Black Basketweave MAB... ;)
  5. This must be something new! The last I checked, THC was sold out of the Nikkis!
  6. I might have a lead on that! Let me investigate and I will get back to you!:yes:
  7. Gung- Sorry to butt in.. but I asked you a question on a previous thread but it has moved down the list and I'm afraid you wont see it: (

    Don't all the Resort MAMs have studs?

  8. To the best of my knowledge, yes. The Resort MAMs came in Yellow, Evergreen, Night Blue, and Black, and they all have the pyramid style studs. Are you thinking of purchasing one?

    Where did you ask this question? I'm sorry for missing it!:yes:
  9. I, too would like to find an original black basketweave MAM.
  10. You commented on the previous thread about that MAM with Black leather that has yellow undertones , and said that was the way it should be and that it was from the RESORT collection but it isn't b/c it has brand new hardware and no studs. This has been stumping me all day so I thought since you posted that that maybe you knew something I didn't.

    Honestly that bag is a weird hybrid of sorts!!
  11. GUNG! I'm glad you found it! Can you help me find a white with brown basketweave? MAB 1st choice MAM 2nd choice :graucho:
  12. while everyone's asking gung....

    what about a matinee in night/dark spot. on sale. i know about LB but dont want to wait! :whistle: