I wish Hermes would put a 'window' in their scarf boxes...

  1. I have a small collection of H scarves but I do add to it every now and again, lol and I've reached a point where it takes too long to find the right one, grabbing box after box...

    There was a thread about storing scarves and the difficulty in identification:


    When I was in London last week buying my capecod watch :love: DH treated himself to a new tie. Not Hermes this time, he has several lovely H ties but wanted a different one.

    ANYway, just take a look at his tie box it's almost the correct shade of orange, lol - it has a tiny window in the front to identify the tie. Wouldn't it be great if Hermes did something similar with their scarf boxes.

    I just wanted to share really, I think it's a really neat idea:



    tiebox2.jpg tiebox3.jpg tiebox1.jpg
  2. brilliant post, all about nice!
    perhaps you can accomplish same on your existing H scarf boxes,
    using an exacto knife or number 3 blade/scalpel.
    secure newly formed "window" with saran wrap from the inside with acid free tape/adhesive??
  3. Great idea!!
  4. That would be a great idea. I have to admit, that I dont store my fav , most worn scarves in their boxes anymore. It used to take me forever to tidy up after trying to find THE ONE!!!
  5. :s I'm sure it could be done but I haven't got the confidence to try, more likely be a bloodfest, I'm a bit clumsy like that :sweatdrop:
  6. Yes, I agree.... A small "window" would be great! Right now I have put postage stamp photos of my scarves on the boxes but it is not a perfect solution. I'm constantly shuffling boxes. :cursing:
  7. Wow, that must be a new tie box design since I've never seen received one like it when I have bought H ties for DH. Super idea!!!

    As my scarf collection grew over the years I gave up on using boxes for storage since I could never find what I wanted and ended up with a bunch of boxes all over the bedroom. They, of course, had to be put away and that got to be too much work especially when I was rushing out to work. Now keep my H scarves in dresser drawers arranged by color and I find it's so much easier to locate what I want quickly.

    A friend uses a different method. She puts labels on her boxes with the scarf name and color.
  8. THat's a great idea. It gets frustrating when you get too many boxes.
  9. I was thinking of labelling the boxes with design title, colour scheme and year of release but I think I like the photograph idea. I can't bear the thought of chopping up even the smallest orange box but if Hermes were to do it well I'd be first in the queue to buy.
  10. Love that idea. I don't have enough to worry about getting confused, but I do have my shawls on hangers right now -- so I can just grab them.
  11. ANN:

    What a wonderful idea! :tup:A PEAK-A-BOO kind of thing...and what a coincidence as my wife was getting frustrated with opening boxes after boxes and wasting time and creating a mess (specially when you're in a hurry!)...she ended up just taking them all out of their boxes and using one drawer for all...but honestly, keeping them inside an orange box just looks more chic!!!

    Again, I like your idea...necessity is the mother of invention! hah! There you go, you prove that right! Way to go ANN!
  12. I don't have that many scarves yet, but I have labeled the boxes with a transparent Dymo tape, typing name and colour of the scarf. I'm usually a very messy person, but after use and airing I manage to put them back into the boxes quite religiously for some reason.
  13. hi AAN!

    this is a great idea...have you tried sending it to hermes via their website? :idea:

    I sent them an email suggesting they include boutique opening/business hours in their website as part of the store information and they responded to me...not that they have implemented it (yet?:p) and I hope they do.

    I think it's worth a try...good luck! :flowers:
  14. brilliant idea....
  15. I take photos of my scarves/bags/shoes, print them out and stick the photos on the boxes, PLUS I make copies of the photos to put into those A4-sized name-card holders with 10 spaces per page. This allows me to coordinate my accessories without trying too hard to remember what I have. Looking at the photos in an album form also reminds me what I have buried deep in my closet somewhere! :p

    My next project will be to take photos of my jewellery and put those into an album as well!