I Wish Coach Would Put Legacy Lining In...

  1. I know that several tpf ladies are addicted to the legacy lining. I admit to the addiction myself. Is there a particular bag or style you wish they'd put legacy lining in?

    I wish the ergo hobos and the shoulder totes had legacy lining...It would be gorgeous!:heart:

    What about you?
  2. Hmmm... how 'bout everything? :idea:
  3. Brilliant!:graucho:
  4. I'd rather they didn't use it or if they did they would take the orange out...though I do love my pond shoulder bag!:love:
  5. I would love the legacy lining to be in all coach bags!!! :tup:

    But to start I think my large signature ergo tote and my large signature khaki/black Carly would look even more stunning with the Legacy lining!!!
  6. Yes, the Carlys would be great with Legacy lining - particularly the leather versions.
  7. My ergo hobos of course! But the red lining in the red hobo is very nice!
  8. Ooh yes.
    Thatd be nice.
  9. Another vote for the ergo hobos. My turqouise one would look gorgeous with a hint of those stripes peeking out!
  10. Ditto this...my turquoise tote looks awesome with the Legacy lining...I wish my black & white hobos had the stripes, too:yes::yes:
  11. The shoulder totes and Chelsea hobos
  12. It would look great in the ergo hobos!
  13. Ok I know I probably stand alone in this but I like that it's mostly exclusive to the Legacy line. It makes it a little more special. JMO
  14. I agree Silver but it's fun to dream lol.
  15. I bought a denim bag that I somehow thought was part of the Legacy line:

    But it did not have the Legacy lining. I am sad, but still love the bag. I do agree that the only bags that should have it are the Legacy bags (hence why they call it the Legacy lining!), but I would like it if they would make a silky printed lining of a different sort for their other bags. Everyone loves a beautiful lining!