I wish Coach would let me make monthly payments!

  1. ok, so after seeing pictures of that gorgeous chocolate cotton carly it is all i can think about! i must have it! but there is no way i can spend that much $$$ on a bag... :crybaby:

    How do you ladies afford all your awesome purchases? I'm always in awe (and jealousy!) when i see all of your wonderful things!

    also, do you think they will make that same bag in a smaller size, maybe for a little less $$?...
  2. credit cards let you make monthly payments!

    but seriously, credit debt isn't worth it for purses (please dont' shoot!). I pay cash for all my stuff, or cc and pay it off at the end of the month.
  3. Put away as much as you can afford every paycheck. Cut backs...eating out, buying things you really dont need. I agree with court...no cc. I have one that must be paid off at the end of the month. Its the only one I use. If you use other...you will end up paying 1,000 dollars for a $500.00 purse. Anyway...I hope you find a way to get your bag.
  4. I also sell old purses on eBay to afford new ones. It works well, and I dont feel guility spending on purses
  5. Cash is the best! I also have a Macy's card that I use but I pay it off quickly. I also sell off older bags or bags I don't use to make new purchases. I now have 10 bags and I don't want to sell any of them so that means no new bags for a while for me! I might get lucky and have a Coach birthday but that's not until July!

    Make monthly payments to yourself and then buy when you have enough saved up. Save all your change in a jar and let it add up or round up all your purchases in your checkbook to 'fool' yourself into saving. It all adds up! Good luck on getting your bag. Don't they have that style in the pouch and demi?
  6. How horrible would it be if Coach had its own CC that gave you reward points for every dollar you spend?!? That could be soooo bad... :shocked:
  7. I have to save, and I try not to use credit cards as they are for emergency's and so forth. Most of my bags have been deals, I don't think I have paid full price for any of them.

    I love a great coach bargain, but if coach had a c.c. I would want one, and it would be maxed out!lol
  8. I only use cc's rarely and pay the balance within 2 months.

    I also sell my bags occasionally to make room for new ones.
  9. exactly, I sold 2 of my bags on eBay. It was hard to part with them, but...... out with the old in with the new. I only pay cash for my bags.....if I put them on a credit card I would have every coach item available, and I'd be in debt up to my eyeballs:wtf:
  10. My lovely, loud mouth brother was walking around the outlet with me back in January, and he loudly said "If I open up a credit card, do I get 10% off?"

    I'm nearly peeing my pants from laughing, but the straight-laced SA was like "no sir, we don't have a credit card"

  11. I use credit cards for everything (good rewards program), but I am responsible about it...mostly ;). I also don't buy bags as often as some of the ladies here. Aug 05 I bought 1 bag and Aug of last year I bought 2...for the same price of the one the year before! So basically I'm due for another in Aug....or earlier! :yes:

    I do agree that it's a good idea to save some money each week and it'll add up in no time. I usually do that with major purchases. Or I set up an automatic savings account.
  12. I sell the old and unused to pay for the new.
  13. I buy little accessories. Well, I just started buying...I'm new to Coach. I bought a mini skinny because I needed a new wallet and I basically got obsessed so today I went out and bought a watercolor wristlet and perfume. But that's all I'm buying until fall starts. Then I'll probably buy another wristlet. Or maybe I'll just save up for a nice leather Carly. Who knows...

    I'm just going to limit myself to two small items a season, or one big item a year. We'll see how that goes.

  14. You might as well put me in rehab for Coach Addicts if thsi happened I would be so so so bad ( but I would look really good :graucho: )
  15. That's what I keep thinking. I may be broke but at least I'll look like a million bucks!