i wish chanel will come up with reissue of ....

  1. - pale pink with ghw
    - light beige with shw
    - '05 matt black with ghw (anniversary edition)

    all with distressed leather, tarnished hw (vitage looking)

    Post your wishes girls ... who knows maybe one day they'll come true :flowers::heart:
  2. I would die if the grey reissue was to come back. And then I would come back to life and run to the nearest Chanel and very politely give my credit card to the next SA who even glances at me.

    Seriously, the 2005 reissues were the best. That black with gh... *sigh* Why was I not into Chanel back then?! Why did I have to be into Balenciaga, which to me is the polar opposite of Chanel?!
  3. ^omg xjoie! I definitely know how you feel!! i feel like i wasted my life obsessing over brands other than chanel LOL
  4. Yes! A Grey reissue would be the best!!! Not too dark though!

    Also a dark purple, not metallic, but matte lambskin. :love:

  5. in a blue similar to bleu fonce (distressed calfskin). i want some blue.
  6. I really want a reissue in pink!
  7. Chanelle you are absolutely delicious! i love thoses colours x
  8. Patent orange.
  9. Pink and black like the anniversary (with gold) would be :love::love::love:! I think I'd prefer non-distressed hw tho. ;)
  10. I'm so distraught that there is nothing BUT metallics. There are so many colors in the rainbow that could be offered and it's metallic or nothing. Were they thinking everyone wants to relive the disco era, or perhaps if they offered leather and metallic, people would choose something they would carry 20 years from now, 10 years, or even 5 years. (Sorry for the rant but I'm sooo disappointed.)

    Hope the Fall brings us the colors we dream about.
  11. ^Thats true I have to agree...youre splurging so much on something that 5 years down the road is so disco-esque...it would be nice to have a choice....I wish the red and purple would have been lambskin or calfskin and a blue fonce would be sooo cute...intense olive green would be perfect for fall...Im interested in seeing this "white" reissue..
  12. All the bags I wish I had bought if I had seen them :smile:
  13. ruby red patent with silver h/w :love: :drool: :love:
  14. I'm with you jmen.

    Dark colored metallics and spring...what does one have to do with the other? Metallics are blingy and more appropriate for the winter holidays...if at all. It's too trendy for the exorbitant amount of money being charged and will not having the staying power of a true classic. And it has the characteristics of tin foil.

    What was Chanel thinking?
  15. hahahaha I feel the same way. People would look at the crazy girl sprinting through NM wondering why she's in such a rush to Chanel :lol: The grey is a work of art IMO. :love: