I wish all Balenciaga bags could be thrown into a big hole and buried forever.

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  1. I'm sure my husband would agree...
  2. Ha! Thanks for sharing! I wish they were, too, so that I couldn't lust after or buy anymore of them!
  3. I'm sure Mr.Beauxgoris feels the same way. He knows they're "my thing" - if it looks like rain and we're going out to eat or something he's always like: "are you sure you want to bring the Balenciaga? Do you have a sweater or shawl to protect it in case it starts raining?" LOL
  4. i saw that too n was like *huh*. he's probably just bitter because his ex, hillary duff, and his baby's momma, nicole richie, have very similar black cities. he secretly must like them or want to carry them himself if he keeps dating girls that have them.

    anyways! .... he can bury em... just tell me where to dig.
  5. oh please......then let them toss their golf clubs and guitars in the pile also!!!!!
  6. :biguns: i'll help dig too!!! hah!!!
  7. ^^lol. no need to dig - just bury me into that hole first and throw those babies in!
  8. It seems I've seen NR with non-Bal bags a lot recently. Boo!
  9. lol...joel seems to be the only one sick of seeing nicole's black city, yet we love the frequent sightings!!!
  10. lol!
  11. Phew! I thought that this might be a "hater" thread!
  12. :weird:wow!!! cant believe he is dating a girl who carries tons of bal. but hey..just tell me where to dig after you bury it Joel..then we're all good:roflmfao:
  13. I wish all of Good Charoletts music would be buried in a hole forever. *snap*

  14. Hahaha EXACTLY!!!