I win!

  1. So, I've been having the shopping blues ever since the ground got frosty; dreaming of a new bag and wishing I could afford one. Hence the reason I ended up at the outlet mall tonight.

    Anyways, I found these beauties, which cost around $80 a piece.

    DKNY Urban Fusion bag:

    DKNY Printed Croco Clutch:

    The styles are a little older, which I suppose is why they were so cheap, but I love them all the same. :smile:

    Warm fuzzies to hold me over until I have enough saved up for my chanel luxe.

    p.s. The Saks off fifth at the Arizona Mills outlets in Tempeh, AZ has MJ bags marked down to $500/$600. The styles are at least 2 years old though.

  2. I have the shopping blues, too! I wish the outlets weren't so far away from where I live...congrats on your new bags, I especially like the wallet!! And GOOD LUCK on saving for your Chanel! Pix when you get it, please---I want a new one BAD.
  3. Congrats! Very nice!
  4. Oh I will madamefifi, believe me! I've been saving for it for a while :smile:
  5. You're so lucky to be near great outlets like that! Nice finds.
  6. Love that clutch!! Adorable!!
  7. That's quite a bargain.
  8. that clutch is fabulous
  9. Great bag and very cute clutch! Congrats on those great bargains!

    I can relate about having the shopping blues...
  10. My wife has told me that I should be shopping more for her. Nice find.