I win! The race to retirement, that is...now what??

  1. Hi all. After 18 years as a forensic psychologist, I finally had an epiphany. I have disliked my chosen profession for the last 5 years. This weekend, after much thought, I made the hard decision to call it quits. I am not actually even close to retirement age, so even though I am leaving healthcare I plan to "do something else". So...any others out there who have made a drastic career change? Any creative suggestions of what I might do next? I always love the advice of members here...:confused1:
  2. Find your passion and therefore your joy. What is something you have always wanted to do? Volunteer somewhere for awhile, take a class, travel, mentor, i.e. try a little of this and a little of that. Perhaps something will click.

    Congratulations on your retirement and having the courage to make a change.:smile:
  3. Oh Irishgal, I'm so envious. To leave your job and pursue something you really love takes so much courage.

    Since you seem to love animals so much, how about something in that field? Maybe do some volunteer work while your figuring out what you want to do.

  4. Either that or I am a complete idiot! Thanks for your kind words...
  5. That's what I was thinking before I read lelgin's post. :smile:
  6. I am in the same profession Irish Gal. There are many other areas you can work in, on a consulting basis. That's what I do.
  7. That is what I do as well, Roo..I am getting out of the field totally. I think, sadly, the field of mental health has become somewhat of a joke..
  8. What a hard decision to make. Way to go!!!
    Best of luck in whatever you find.
  9. Maybe you could teach forensic psych as an adjunct professor...or full time at a community college or something. Pass on your knowledge to others!
  10. That's a great idea twiggers!!:wlae: Thanks.
  11. I wish I had the opportunity to do what you do! Was it exciting.interesting at least?

    Do what makes you happy. I love twiggers' idea. Everyone sees me doing that in the future and I think so too.
  12. congrats on the retirement.
    if i were you i'd be a......... drumroll please.... house wife/shopper?
  13. Congrats on your retirement! I retired 10 years ago at age 41 and become a full-time wife and mother, and have enjoyed life ever since! No more meeting, weeklies and so on! I dont think I have ever get bored. Others advised that I should do something, work at home or part-time or something, but I told them I do not want to work for anyone anymore or work period! Taking care of daughter and husband and home is work enough.
    So my suggestion is have a full retirement. Now you can go shopping anytime without guilt! Enjoy your days ahead. :smile:
  14. I.G.

    I don't work in the mental health field per se although I do have a counseling cert. I work doing consulting for trials, etc. I can take on the work I want and don't want.

    But I'm a glutton for punishment... I am actually considering going to law school right now :sos:
  15. Roo, I am thinking about vet school, how stupid is that? I have been lucky and have gotten known in these parts for doing silly things like "fitness for duty" evals for private industry as well as CISD both domestic and internationally. Not forensics in the "true" sense, but what I morphed my training into..
    Tell ya what, you go to law school and I will go to vet school and see who cracks first..:wlae: