I Win!!!!My Baby jAUNE is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Girls :nuts:!!!

    I'm so exalted...joyous!!!:yahoo:My City Jaune GSH came from me,finally!!!:yahoo:The leather is extremely silken, perfect for me,perfect!!! The color is magic:love:, so changeful with the lights!

    Here are my photos!




  2. GORGEOUS! and it looks great on you!!! Love it!:tup:
  3. Congratulations! It's gorgeous and looks really fabulous with the SGH. And it looks fantastic on you.
  4. I love it!! you look gorgeous!!

  5. That purse looks just amazing on you! Love the color and definately an eye catcher. Congrats!
  6. Wow, I absolutely love that bag on you! It looks amazing with your coloring!
  7. Wowza, great leather and what a statement bag!! Congrats!!! :flowers:
  8. Thank you so much girls:flowers::flowers:!
  9. Holy Moly! The leather and GH combo looks fabulous!!!!!!
  10. That is beautiful and you are very very pretty!
  11. Such a great bag, and looks perfect on you! I also adore your thread title! Whenever i do something right or get something i love i always say "I win!!!" heheh
  12. MISS jAUne... look gorgeous on you!!! cOngrats on your new addition!! The leathers lOOoks awesome t:huh:~!! :tup:
  13. omg. i am in love with that color :drool:

    great choice!
  14. OMG- how beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. che bello! i love the color..looks more yellow than the other jaunes i've seen. congrats!