I will start to shop more at Gucci now

  1. I love Gucci. They have the nicest staff and great customer service. I bought a pair of gloves at Gucci more than a year ago. It had a broken link and they no longer make the parts, so they are going to do an exchange for me. The SA was so helpful and rang me and helped me to look for my receipt. After more than 1 year... Knowing that I am in safe hands with Gucci, I am more willing to splurge at Gucci from now onwards...:yahoo:
  2. Glad to here that they treated you well! They gave me free shipping when my bag was delayed a few days so I was happy with that.

    They were able to look up your transaction without the receipt? How did they find it for you?
  3. yes they did, on the computer. With my name and exat description of the glove I bought. BTW, I exchanged for 2 pair of Guccissima shoes, one for my beloved baby and a pump for myself. We walked away really happy that day... With two big gold shopping bags all the way home..:wlae:
    BTW, I love that Gucci bag in your Avatar