I will puke if....

  1. :throwup: I will puke if she gets pregnant before I do! :throwup:

    "We’re going to Fiji. We’re gonna get naked and just run in the surf and try to have a baby."
    - Jenna Jameson tells Life & Style about her Valentine's Day plans with her boyfriend, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz

  2. wow, she looks so different.
  3. Oh, the years have not been kind...
  4. ...and the anorexia, plastic surgeries and repeated, ughm, you know....
  5. I'll puke right along with you.
  6. We don't need more troubled kids... *sigh*
  7. I didn't even recognize her!
  8. Wow....I feel the same!!
    Can her privates even keep a baby in?
    She is such a hot mess.
  9. I will do more than puke!!!! I will cut off her ...... well maybe not, LOL!!!!!
  10. Isn't that a scary thought?? Little Jennas scares me almost as much as Paris Hilton having a baby. Some people just shouldn't make babies.
  11. :shocked: Paris Hilton????? Oh :throwup:
  12. ^^ Well, we won't have to worry about that for a little while, apparently Paris is going through a bi-sexual phase right now...:feminist:
  13. ^ she is a weird one.
  14. EEEEEEEEEWWW! :yucky: