I will not do this again!!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies, as you know I am also in the hunt for a Bordeaux Blake. It's driving me crazy letting my Bordeaux ZC and coin purse sit until they have a proper family. I have even considered a Christy in Bordeaux. But I really want the Blake. I have decided this season I am going just buy the next bag I want and not go through all of this agony!!! What if I never get the Blake what will become of my ZC and coin purse?

    How many of you ladies have decided just to buy the bag of yoour dreams and forget about the hunt???
  2. If you want it, and it is a popular style and color, just get it when it is released. If you wait till the end of the season you risk not getting it and not being able to find it on a deal or at all.
    I don't care about my ZC matching my bags, I know other ladies here do. I would wear it with all of my bags, so go ahead and use them, don't let them just sit and wait. I do hope you stumble upon that bordeaux blake though, she is a beauty.
  3. I agree with shoebuyer37... While I like having various pieces in the same color family I almost never carry them at the same time... I really like having accessories (wallets, keyfobs, etc.) that compliment my handbag but are a different color (and even brand)... It is such an unexpected treat... like a beautiful but unexpected (non-matchy-matchy) handbag lining! Still... I hope you find your bordeaux Blake!:flowers:
  4. Good luck on the hunt, I want one too! Let me know if you have any success!
  5. I have been thinking about this issue. I am trying to decide if I should buy a patchwork Stam in the cherry tart color or wait until they (might) go on sale. I have some others I am thinking about, too. Sometimes, it really is worth it just to buy it when it is full price. The problem is, sometimes you don't realize how much you like it until it is too late. I think a good practice would be to visit a MJ or other dept. store that has a good selection of the bags when they are first released and see, touch, hold the bags and really figure out what you love. Sometimes, it is hard to tell just from pics. Something you think you love is just so-so in person and vice-versa.
  6. Aww good luck with your search, i will look out for you! see i am looking for a cordovan teri tote or hobo..i dont think i am ever going to find it :sad:( why oh why did i not buy this when i saw it first..kept waiting for the deals and now nothing:sad:
  7. calibaggal I feel your pain! :wacko:
  8. I think our last hope MIGHT be around April/May after the next MJ employee sale. Hopefully these will be available so we might see some on eBay after....
  9. If you can't find one on discount, you may still be able to find one at full price at a MJ boutique. Good luck!
  10. its a gorgeous bag so i would be tempted ot pay full retail too! if its something you really really want and cant stop thinking about.. i say go for it! youll feel better about the purchase once you receive the bag.
  11. Yeah - I definately feel your pain! -- I am loving the Bordeaux ZC & Christy I have, but still feel lust for the Blake in that color.

    The Petrol colored Blake & ZC came out at same time, and I wish I'd grabbed when I saw it at Nordies. AND the olive from Resort 06. I've never seen either of those colors again. :cry::cry:
  12. So sorry calibaggal! I felt your pain as I was searching for the bordeaux blake...I had given up after I missed out on the eBay deal. I honestly thought of paying full price for it at an MJ store so if that is your last resort, I say GO FOR IT! It truly is a beautiful bag...of course, getting it on sale is always better but I think you won't regret it even at full price. Best of luck!!! :smile: