I will never shop at the South Coast Plaza Chanel store again!

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  1. Heres a good story--I have been on the wait list for a red Chanel bag for months and I got a call from my SA on Tues that the bag was in. I called back Wed. The SA who answered the phone doesn't tell me that my SA is off that day, or tell me anything for that matter and puts me on hold and never comes back!

    So, I call back. She answers again. I ask for her name--she won't tell me. I give her the same information and she does the same thing again! Can you believe this!!!!:cursing:

    Never again. If anyone is in Orange County I recommend you go to Neimans in Fashion Island. They are really nice at the Chanel shop there. Also try the third floor restaurant--its great.
  2. :wtf:

    That is just plain WRONG. I'm sorry that happened to you!! :sad:
  3. Get Out!:wtf:
  4. What is up with South Coast plaza in general? This is one of many stories that I have heard that SA's in the area are a NIGHTMARE. Its so unfortunate. Sorry you had such a hassle.
  5. Bad customer services but they get new bags earlier than NM does and they have bigger stock.
  6. Wow, that's terrible! I got my red jumbo from there, but worked with the sweetest SA... however when I called a few times, this not so nice woman answered and put me on hold forever... wonder if it was the same one! Either way, in your case that was totally unacceptable.
  7. Sorry you had to go through that....totally unacceptable behavior. I would complain to the manager next time you go in.
  8. Wow. What a story. I don't blame you. I wouldn't shop there either.
  9. That is so frustrating!
  10. Please let the manager know. I am so tired of hearing about these horrible sales associates. Why do they still have jobs???
  11. I would go back in person and complain to the manager- that is simply UNACCEPTABLE!
  12. I been there several times two. Have not got any good services in the bag & accessories areas. SAs in fine jewelries are great!
  13. Just becuase the selection may be better, I would not accept being treated poorly in any way.
  14. That's horrible. I don't understand why SA's are rude. It's wrong and unacceptable.
  15. Wow!!! That's terrible!!!! I have worked with Yoshiko and another Japanese SA (Reiko?), and they both have been wonderful. I can't believe the nerve of the SA you dealt with! I'd definitely go in and complain in person! SAs like that give the good SAs a bad name!

    Sorry for your horrible experience.