I will NEVER shop at Marshalls ever again!!

  1. I won't even bother going to any of their other chains such as TJ Maxx, TK Max, or anything else.

    They have this incredibly LAME policy where you cannot return more than $79.99 and it does not state that ANYWHERE in their store. I bought designer denim from LA for $79.99 and they will only accept 1 pair. They said I would have to go all the way back to LA for me to get my refund. After debating with them for a while, they asked me to return and speak to the manager.

    I went back again, the manager was not there. Same ordeal again. I asked if I could just return 1 more pair and they refused. I had to come back again for the manager.

    I was pissed and annoyed so I went to another Marshalls and they flat our refused to accept a single pair and told me to go back to LA. I asked why it is not stated anywhere and the manager said if she doesn't want them, they don't have to take them. Mind you, the jeans have the Marshalls tag on them and I have the reciept and it is within 30 days.

    So call the first store to speak to the manager, he told me he would be in at a certain time and that he will take the returns and apologize. So I go back and he had left early for the day. An assistant manager said she was instructed to accept the return if she can find the brand on the floor. She disappears for 5 minutes, comes back and tells me that she found nothing. So I go and dig around for no less than 30 minutes and find not only the same brand, but in the same style AND they were charging $20 more!! I go and find the assistant manager and show her the jeans and she looks scared and taken back while I tell her that these are the same jeans but at a different price. Then she smiles and says she cannot accept it because the price is different. WTF?!? Mine are $20 cheaper! She then says she will call the district manager but never did so I left.

    Visit #5. I call this time to make sure the manager will be there. He finally takes my return but I don't even care because I have had to return to a Marshalls 5 times now. If he didn't take it, I could have just filed a charge back because none of this $79.99 policy was disclosed to me and it was not listed anywhere in the store nor on their receipt so it was in violation of their 30 day return policy. They even told me it is not written anywhere.

    I have shopped at Marshalls for 10 years now but I will not be returning there again.
  2. You should write a letter to their Corporate office detailing the difficulty that you had return merchandise that you had a receipt for within the return period. Their behavior was unprofessional, disorganized, and just plain stupid.

    I haven't shopped at those stores in years, but it really makes you appreciate Nordstrom for their generous return policy. I returned something recently that I had for three months with my receipt plus obviously, it was never used.... the SA was so nice and credited the amount back to my credit card but then later apologized to me saying that she should have asked if I wanted cash instead.... I was surprised but the credit back to my credit card was perfectly acceptable to me. What great service Nordstrom has.... It's hard to shop elsewhere with stores that have crazy return policies, or have SAs who do not know what they are doing.

    Please write the letter to Corporate as soon as possible while everything that happened to you is still fresh in your mind.

    Sorry that you had such a bad experience!
  3. Sorry that you had such a stressful return experience. Many of the stores in Germany have similar policies...No returns after 2 weeks, tags must be on even if it's a gift, etc. It's crazy, but it really does make you appreciate some of the stores that have better return policies.

    I agree with peace...Even if nothing comes out of the situation, at least (hopefully) they will know and try and change their practices.
  4. Wow, that is crazy. THe other day when I was there, I saw this lady get upset because there was a designer bag that was $16.99 (priced wrong) and she brought it to the counter to pay for it and they wouldn't sell it to her because they said she needed to pay $200.00. The problem, there were two bags at the $16.99 price. The smart thing/customer friendly thing would have been to sell one for the price and take the other bag and mark the normal price. The lady was so mad she walked out of the store cussing. The store manager was absolutely rude too. Anways, I hope I don't get that type of hassel. I bought my boyfriend some sunglasses that are too big on his face, so hopefully when I take them back I won't get a hassel. I have the receipt,but I took the tag off because it was a gift. I hope they take them back.
  5. Wow, I dont usually shop at Marshalls, but that "policy" just baffles me. I would be writing to the corporate office for sure!
  6. I think a lot of stores give you a hassle when you try to return something. Marshalls had no right to do this to you or treat you that way. Sometimes I think these people are on a power trip because what is it to them if you return something the proper way? I would write a letter to corporate and the newspaper fashion director and ask her to check it out.....sometimes papers run stories on stuff like this.
    I was shopping the other night with my friend and was standing in Lane Bryant while she bought a coat and a lady was trying to return something at the register (I think it was a shirt with tags still on and the receipt). The person at the register said she could only give the woman the sale price since the return was over 90 days and the lady kept saying it said store credit if returned over 90 days on the receipt. It did not state anywhere that they give you a lower price so there was a bit of a discussion going on. I thought to myself this is crazy. I have worked in retail for years (in the past) and I never once gave anyone a problem with a exchange or refund. It was my job to keep the customer happy and it just was not a problem. So I don't understand these stores acting like they are doing you some major favor if you return something.
  7. I encountered a similar policy in a store and I was given reasons why some stores are tightening their policy. It's because of customer taking advantage of the store, buying new clothes before the weekend, wearing it out, then returning it on monday. Sometimes clothes are obiously used (smelling of cigarettes and beer) and the shops refuse to take them back. This can cause a lot of uncomfortable situations for the Sas and the customers and use a lot of their time, making the atmosphere in the store bad for other, non-cheating customers.

    Sometimes the scars of the weekend aren't that obious. Stains on the garmets may not be spotted by an SA in a hurry, leaving the clothes sub par when sold to the next customer, if the store's able to sell it at all.

    I do not agree with the way YOU were treated, as their policy must be clear when you purchase (preferrable stated beside the counter on a note when you make a purchase or obious on the recite). I also find the amount issue very strange.

    However, I feel like if there's no fault on the item, returning something as quickly as possible, and at least within 14 days, item in unused condition, is not too much to demand of a customer. When I shop at places that have 30+ return policy, it creeps me out that the item I'm getting might've been resting in someone's home for a month before I get it. :push: thus, I usually get brand new items from such stores.
  8. Wow, that is bordering on almost having a no exchange policy at all. That is crazy and not acceptable in todays mobile world. Would they just not refund or would they not even offer a store certificate good for all Marshalls stores? I too would be miffed and unhappy...:tdown:

    Thanks for the heads up...nice to know what situtations to avoid.
  9. Wow. I love to shop Marshall's and TJMaxx because their prices are unbeatable for designer items. It's a shame you had to go through all that. Where I live I've never heard of such a return policy. I do think stores are tightening up their return policies in general because of consumer abuse.
  10. customer service? Whats that? I think many places have put it to the wayside. Many places just treat you like you don't have a choice. The sad part is, sometimes you don't.
  11. I used to work at a Marshalls, and whenever I worked at the service desk(where u return stuff), I was always told that if a customer is returning something from another store, and its expensive...we don't take it back and tell the customer to return it to the store they bought it from.

    we were also told that if a customer was returning alot of stuff or something very expensive, we have to scutinize everything from the receipt, to the items, to the credit cards(HAS to be the CC that it was purchased on). They want us to find some kind of fault with it so that we can't take it back. They'll then use reasons like "we don't have it in the store so we can't take it back", "the way the tags are tagged to the clothes look different so we dont know for sure thats the actual price" and a whole lotta other BS.

    I guess it has something to do with the sales goal and plan and how returns in the stores affect them. BUt still, its not right how they treat people this way. They also treat their employees like crap BTW...

    But Im sorry this happened to you and U should write a letter to corporate and hopefully u have the name of that assistant manager.
  12. I'm pretty sure its actually illegal not to sell an item what it is priced.
  13. The reason they often do that is because people switch tags on designer items all the time. They probably saw that the style numbers on the tags were incorrect (didn't match the department). Sometimes the employees even do this so they can buy the item later with their discount. I used to work at a TJ Maxx and they were very specific that we should look for switched tags, style numbers, and clearance stickers that had been moved to a non-clearance item. People try to scam all the time so that is probably the reason they went back to check, and saw that the bags were tagged like that.
  14. WOW that is crazy... Thanks for the warning. I keep it in mind if I ever shop at Marshalls
  15. Oi. That's why I love Nordstrom Rack with a passion. I'd write to them/call/tear them a new one.