I will NEVER buy Balenciaga AGAIN!!

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  1. I spent 1500 on a box and compagnon..came to me today, looks like two totally different colors. The box has scratches on the front, back and bottom along w/ the mirror. Looks like someone else's freakin return, chunk missing out of the tag and a chunk missing out of the leather in one of the handles PLUS I never got a receipt or packing slip. I boxed it right the F&*k up and it's going back..now I am stuck w/a stupid credit.
  2. where did you buy it? BalNY?
  3. Yes..I am so irate and they didn't even apologize..ARRGGHH
  4. Wow that is horrible, I'm so sorry that you had to experience this. Was the companon ok?
  5. maybe you should call back and speak to one of the SA's that some tPF'ers have dealt with and had good experiences with...like Sarah, Kim, or Joseph? I'm sure they'll understand your leather concern and find you a better match, if possible. i don't know if you specified what you wanted but sometimes they don't think about these things like we do and just don't really care, you know.
  6. seriously, call them and demand that they take responsibility for their negligence! let them know that not checking the quality of their product before it leaves the store is unacceptable!

    Make them send you a decent replacement, and emphasize that you want the two items to match in color as well. I dunno what's up with that! ask for one of the SAs that PFers have had good relationships with before... this experience ruin the bags for you! *hugs*
  7. I would speak to a Manager not an SA and then after you return it immediately call the CC company and see if the charge can be reversed or whatever. That is unacceptable. One of the reasons I hate buying bags sight unseen. My friend nanaz had a similar situation with Barneys BH sending her a very used Ink City a while back.
  8. Thanks everyone..I am on a list for the French Blue First and French blue money or compagnon (the truffle compagnon was kinda pretty) Just not what I expected you know?? I want the french blue because no one will have returned it!!!!!!! Plus I had my eye on that color, love it so far. I am so disappointed, I was so excited this last week that I could hardly sleep now I am exhausted..and btw my sa passed me off to a girl that was not a sa..whatever.
  9. I agree, if you don't want the store credit, speak with a manager and if that doesn't go smoothly call your CC company to see if they'll reverse the charges. since you shipped the items back and can prove it(assuming you kept proof of shipment) you should be fine. I'm so sorry this happened, i would be very, very upset..
  10. Sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience...I think this is more due to the retailer and not the bags itself, no? I'd let my dissatisfaction be known to the management (as high up as you can go!!) Unfortunately, it seems all too common these days that SA's shrug ppl off...even those spending thousands of $$ :cursing: I suggest you try a different retailer before giving up on bbags completely...hope everything works out!
  11. this happened to me last time when i ordered a City from them. I told them what i wanted and my SA was totally accomodating. she was leaving for vacation, so she couldn't personally take care of it, and someone else did. when i got the package, there were 3-5 long scratches on the bag itself. i called and complained, shipped it back to them, and filed a complaint with CC company. they issued me a store credit, which was taken back because my CC company got the money back for me. but that hasn't stopped my love for bags, but just more cautious when getting something unseen.
    so sorry this happened to you!!! you should definitely call them and speak to a manager about this!
  12. were both your bag and compagnon truffle? if so, this color is being repeated for spring. if you love the color then maybe you can get a spring truffle guaranteed to be brand new
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you have a bad experience with BalNY. Next time, ask to speak to Joseph. He's such a doll to work with! He picked out the BEST rouge vif City with the nicest leather. I received the bag neatly package with a sweet note from him.
  14. :yes: Thanks again everyone..I am calmed down now:P :P I am not giving up yet..I am on the wait list for the french blue first and money wallet, I hope I like them. I already sent the bag and compagnon back. I was really disappointed in the truffle, I have seen some really gorgeous bags on this forum in truffle and that is why I decided on that color. OH well, I have always wanted a blue bbag collection anyways..should have gone w/ my gut and stuck to blue!! Thanks again everyone:yes:
  15. sagranch- Glad that everything worked out for you. Good for getting the Blue!

    off topic, Pooh_Girl, can I ask what cc company that was? Their customer service sounds really excellent.