I will never buy anything online again!

  1. Last month, I bought a white Le Fab from overstock.com and the seller guaranteed that it was 1000% authentic. Well, I get it in my hands and it's a horrible knockoff!!:rant: I could tell immediately by looking at the purse that it was cheaply made. I contacted the seller that day and told him that the purse was fake and I wanted to return it. He didn't contact me back so I left him negative feedback telling him that the purse was fake and that I wanted a refund. After I left the negative feedback, he emails me telling me he never got my first email and that he would accept the bag and would refund me. Well, I sent the purse back and he has had it in his posession for over a week and still no refund! I emailed him 3 times asking him to refund my credit card and he refuses to respond! :censor: So this morning, I called my credit card company to dispute that charge and the woman I spoke to at VISA was an absolute :censor: . She acted like all she wanted to do was get off the phone! So now, I have just finished opening a dispute with PayPal to see if I can get my money back. All this trouble over a stupid fake purse! Next time, I buy at the boutique!
  2. omg..thats so bad....but its happened to me before...2 times actually..on stupid ebay...luckily it wasnt something that expensive..juss a 7 for all mankind skirt for like..$80..and a juicy jacket for 70$...both things from 2 diff sellers and they assured me it was authentic...and then i get it in the mail..and its a cheap fake...so fake..the tags arent even of the product...so i sent the items back and htey promised me a refund...but never gave it to me...left them negative feedback and the juicy guy disappeared..no longer a registered ebay seller..WTF...and the fake 7 skirt girl was mad that i said it was fake..and didnt accept it as real..WTH..?!?! and replied to my feedback that i was lying n crap...which gets me really mad..cuz i emailed her after sending the item back 10 times..10 emails she did not respond..but she has time to respond to a negative feedback? that is funny...-__-''...so sad...its really maddening....my friend got ripped off too...for a fake cherry blossom pochette...lost her money cuz the seller only accepted money order...wth...these ppl should go to hell
  3. I thought overstock was like a online store? Thus Elux only sells authentic items.

    I hope all works out and you get your refund.
    Good luck!!!
  4. Overstock has auctions like ebay. I'm assuming that's where she got it.

    That is horrible. :rant: I hope you get your refund!
  5. ^^ interesting i didnt know that.
  6. i think she meant overstock auction....
    just a thought, nothing on overstock auction is authentic...
  7. ^^ I'm pretty sure that's what she meant too.
  8. Your first mistake was trusting anyone on overstock.com!!!

    I'm sorry this happened to you. Your best bet is to stick with My Poupette Resellers on ebay.
  9. I'm sorry this happened to you. I was the victim of a scam recently too, it is an awful feeling. I hope you are able to recover your money.
  10. Been there done that-in January before I found tPF I bought a Dior saddle from ebay for a too-good-to-be-true price...after 2 weeks I finally got it and it looked good till I went to the store for companion pieces and the SA was like "where did you get that" and I said "oh it was a good deal on ebay" and he said "sure it was a good deal its a FAKE" OMG I was embarassed so I got home and logged on to set up return-"no longer a registered user" and Paypal advised against returning it because of this they could not track anything. This is the only problem I had with a seller. Good luck and stick with My Poupette sellers and Eluxury
  11. ooh, i'm so sorry... i hope you get your money back :sad:
  12. Oh I am so sorry, that really does suck! I had a similar experience with a seller on ebay, buying what I was assured was an authentic Tiffany & Co tag bracelet. When I got it in the mail, I was shocked at what a cheap piece of crap it really was! I immediately emailed the seller, stating that I did want a refund because it was meant as a gift and she emailed it late (which was true that she took a long time to send it, and I did tell her that it was for a gift). I never told her my reasoning for sending it back was because it was a fake. She even gave me her phone number, which I did call to tell her that I was sending it back. I asked her where she had gotten her T & Co pieces and she was all "my sister works for Tiffany's and gets a discount" uh huh, right.

    Anyway, it took her a few days to refund my money so I contacted my cc company and they gave me a 'complimentary credit' while they worked it out. She refunded me a short time later. I really hope that you can get your money back...these crooks should be ashamed of themselves!
  13. Do you think these people actually see themselves for what they are? THIEVES!!!!
  14. Overstock auctions are filled with fakes. I bought 2 bags there pre PF and realized that a deal like that can never be real. I stick to reliable sources now.
  15. How horrible! That's why I swore to NEVER buy anything on Ebay or any other similar sites. I'd rather pay more at a boutique but be sure that what I get is authentic! I've been cheated by some Ebay sellers, too, so I definitely know how you feel. I really hope you get your money back!