I will have an order of chili - hold the beans!

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  1. OMG just stunning! the chili is such an amazing combo!! and i LOVE the ZC too!
  2. Wow, nice job! That ZC is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy all your finds!
  3. woah, that's a whole lotta chili!! too hot for me to handle!! love your collection... and the python trimmed ZC is hot!
  4. tiger.. i'm sooo jealous!!! i gave up on ebay coz i couldnt find a chili trish... your'e sooooooo lucky!! congratulations!
  5. Holy crap girl! You are a Striping Goddess!! :faint::faint::faint:

    I love that Chili family pic!
  6. good. i've always hated beans anyway. i'm amazed by your chili collection. your zip bowler looks fantasic. congrats!
  7. I am really eating a bowl of chili as I am looking at all your chili! Ha ha.....seriously. I LOVE that color combo. It is so unusual and I never get tired of it. So pretty. You are definitely the striping queen. Congrats on finding those great bags and the ZC is gorgeous.
  8. Mmm, mmm good! Your set is gorgeous. I can't believe no one else went for the ZC - I love that color combo!
  9. I bow down to your Chili-queen-ness, tiger! Gorgeous!
  10. What a stunning Chili collection :faint:

    They're all amazing. The ZB is my fav. How the heK will you choose which one to use?
  11. omg that stairways to heaven again :faint: ..what a beauty collection you have. it's like family reunion lol.. congrats TT, the 3 of them look fabulous!!
  12. :faint: :faint:
    this is my fave kind of chili!! i LOVE it.. no no no.. i'm IN LOVE with it!! *so green with envy*

    and that zc is gorgeous!
  13. That chili is hot hot hot:woohoo:
  14. congrats!!!!!! love all the chili!!!!
  15. Oh man, I love your chili meal! I really would love to see one of those IRL! Which is easier to carry?

    BTW, the ZC has gorgeous leather. It really looks so soft!