I will have an order of chili - hold the beans!

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  1. I promised a reveal when my last item came in.

    This first item I purchased sometime in December (before I imposed a ban on myself). We know how that ban went! I have an all or none attitude - give me all or give me none! So I gave myself all!

    Here is the first:

    A chili zip bowler

  2. I couldn't resist this when it popped up for all of two minutes!

    A chili Hudson

  3. The two new additions join sis, Trish for a family portrait

  4. And last, I purchased this random item only because it was so pretty

  5. I believe I am done for the month of January. The month of February I will be putting items on the chopping block. It was fun while it lasted....
  6. OMG, I demand a family photo. You're the striping queen, tiger. I want to raid your closet.

    Congrats on your gorgeous additions!!!
  7. good lord, every flavor of chili!!! You're my hero
  8. :nuts::wtf:Holy Cow!:wtf::nuts:
    Look at all that Chili!!!
    I can't believe you have the whole set --
    They look fantastic!

    and where did you find the grey/purple ZC?
    that's my fav color combination and I've been
    looking for a ZC like that -- did you get it from NM
    or ebay?

    (I can't wait to see what you have on the block next month --
    you have a FANTASTIC collection!)
  9. Oh my.....wow...i bow now.....to the Stripes!!!
  10. Wow - you have an AMAZING chili collection!!!
  11. Whoa! Talk about full on Chili Overload! Looks like a great collection of Chili you have there. Cute ZC to add, as well :nuts:
  12. You ARE the chili queen!! So much gorgie I need to lie down:faint: And the ZC is stunning! Congrats!!
  13. ^You got that right, PM, I am on purse overload!
    Iluv, the wallet was on the 'bay. On the last day there were absolutely no bidders! I couldn't belive it, cuz I think it is beautiful.

    Xi, I am officially a purse pig...I actually started selling some so they are slowly dwindling. When I take a family portrait, it will be with those I will probably keep for awhile.

    Thanks, Sarahp, Coach and Need... All these stripes are making me see spots!
  14. Somebody please pinch me, I think and have gone to a chili heaven. OMG they're so beautiful, love that you have a chili for every occasion, Congratulation the zc is tdf :smile::faint:
  15. Hehee how cute! I love that Chili set, tiger - so pretty! Congrats on all your new acquisitions, dear. :hugs: