I will do away with the suspense...

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  1. Here's what I bought today.
    Victoria 35 Green
    Paddock Shoulder bag

    Also purchased:
    Twillies for the Holdup
    Picture of daughter with the Trim Anante

    Orange boxes to follow....
    victoria.JPG victoria1.JPG zip and lock.JPG victoria_base.JPG
  2. Beautiful, what a thrill! I love the stitching pattern on the bottom. Congratulations!
  3. Beautiful, congrats!
  4. The paddock is horse related...it is interchangeable. like the herbag.
    paddock1.JPG paddock.JPG paddock2.JPG twilly2.JPG P1090247.JPG
  5. WOW... those are some very nice purchases you've made...

    Love the colour in the Victoria bag... that green looks so rich.

    DD looks fab in her modelling shot.
  6. I like the Victoria styling.....no nonesense & pure Hermes perfection.

    KC, you have some great new Hermes adoptions, there!:tup: I like the interchangeable leather trim on the shoulderbag. That's good looking.
  7. Gorgeous!! The Viktoria looks so yummie :drool: Congratulations!!
  8. Ooh, an amazing haul. I don't think I've ever seen a holdup before, and those twillies really make it wonderful. DD looks gorgeous with that trim!
  9. [​IMG]

    Your new Victoria is lovely, congratulations, I love your other bags too, thanks for sharing, they are all new to me.
    LOVE your Victoria Bag and your paddock!!!! :heart: them
    ENJOY them and thanks for sharing.
  11. The victoria looks so practical, I love the stitches on the bottom. This green looks so good! Congrats on your purchases!
  12. Another gorgeous H green! Just beautiful!
  13. What is the name of that green, just green? It's gorgeous.
  14. wonderful 'goodies' amazing colors!!
  15. Beautiful!

    Can we have a modeling pic of you and your new Victoria?!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.