I will break my ban for ___

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  1. This may be similar to the "searching for" thread-- If you are banned, what RM would you have to break your ban for? For me, it would be the leopard/ cheetah MAM!
  2. It would be the Black with fluo pink trimmings MAB or Chocolate BW MAB for me.
  3. A ROSE MAC! if that's even possible.
  4. It might also be a black stonewash or espresso Nikki with silver hardware. But if one of those turned up, I'm sure I couldn't afford it!
  5. Original Royal Brown BW MAB...don't care if it's used with flaws...as long as the price isn't too steep.
  6. i will break my ban for a stonewash blue MAM, MAB or matinee with FDL lining. or without FDL lining. i really just want the FDL lining. LOL
  7. I'm not on a ban, but the only thing I'm interested in is a black stud Fling miniaudiere.
  8. Wine with Wine Croc Mini Devote!!! :love:
  9. Dark grey nikki w/ silver hardware.
  10. A purple patent or (maybe) charcoal patent mini nikki at a decent price.
  11. Purple Patent Mini Nikki
    charcoal Patent mini nikki
    Wine Devote and MAC
    Glazed Sunshine/Distressed MAM or Nikki
  12. Great thread!! I would only break my ban on all things RM (until CS is improved) for one of the following:

    -Cheetah/black leather MAB
    -Tomato MAB
    - Maybe for a berry Elisha
  13. I just broke MY ban for the Sunshine Devote Tote on ecrater! I am super excited about this bag. I love the contrast between the yellow leather and the blue & white striped lining.. it is just HEAVEN! I really hope I like the size of the devote. I will be SURE to post a review!!
  14. I will break my ban for ANY of the bags on my WANTED LIST :supacool:
  15. congrats LR! I am really starting to fall for the devote... so I will be looking forward to your review. ITA about the blue striped lining just popping against the sunshine leather... that's going to be one GORGEOUS bag to brighten up dull winter days and perfectly will transition into spring and summer too. :yes: