I will be in NYC DECEMBER 8th!

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  1. I am going to LV will be there from 10:30am till about 3pm, its a Saturday

    anyone wanna meet up?

    help me shop!
  2. I wish I weren't 2 hours away! I would soooo be there! Have fun.
  3. oo:huh: I wanna come!
  4. Aw lucky, I wanna go to NYC. :sad:
  5. I'd love to go shopping with you ... but darn it, it's 3,000 miles away! Have fun though!
  6. I wish I could go! Have fun, show us what you get!!

    I don't want to be alone!!
  8. Fly me over I'll shop with you!
  9. let me check my schedule......
  10. bummer, i'll be flying this weekend! first trip to NY! Woohoo!
  11. Really jill? lol I will need help on deciding! :heart:
  12. I'd like to join you guys! I'm in the lower east side of Manhattan.
  13. Matty! You are going without consulting me? :wtf:

    Hee hee hee. I would soooooo fly up there, but I have school and two jobs to tend to. :push:
  14. Well feel free to come! haha I dont know if Jill is going or not

    I will proably just end up alone
  15. Time's a tickin haha