I will be getting my Melrose Flap this afternoon! but paid lots on tax!

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  1. I purchased a Melrose Flap from Nordstrom last thursday and the shipping is real quick this time. only takes 4 days.. ( normally it takes 1-2 weeks) but sadly.. not sure is there any mis-communication.. I through they agreed to mark the item as $300USD for overseas customer but ended up fedex called me today and charge me $298 for shipping..

    I have no option to pay it and get the bag and sort it out afterwards or... return the item to sender which will takes another 1-2 week to sort it out until i get my bag again..

    I choose the first one... and I emailed my SA.. not sure will chanel able to do something about it.. it is the 2nd time that it happened... and it realy annoys me.. because if they cannot do it, just tell me and i have an idea how much is the total cost of the bag ... while now.. Fedex is giving me a surprise !
  2. cant wait to see pics.
  3. 0o0o0o0o YUM! Real CHANEL in New Zealand!
  4. Can't wait for pics.
  5. I feel so bad now.. lost $300NZD!!
  6. don't feel bad... at least you have an awesome bag that no one else has here in NZ... :yahoo:
  7. true.. helen.. that makes me feel better

    i called up chanel australia, dont said they dont have the melrose flap in stock at all..

    but 300 for tax... it is a pain.. but still cheaper than ebay price. total i paid around 1750 US for the bag ( including tax and shipping)

  8. :love: its all good!

    so when are you going to post up pics? :nuts:
  9. Congrats on your new bag.
  10. congrats on the bag. Usually for overseas orders you need to pay tax and duty.....i had the same happen to me twice. Unfortunately, something you can avoid.
  11. Congrats for your new bag!!

    and yupe. they better told you in advance, my girlfriend just bought medium flap from Paris send to Aussie. She ended up paying AU$500 for the tax. oouucchhh
  12. congrats, S!!!!! i know you were looking forward to your new bag! take lots of pics pleaaase!!!! (:
  13. Congrats on your new bag... sorry about the added costs, which your SA did not disclose to you (or made a mistake on). Contact your SA and tell them that this is the 2nd time this has happened, and what they can do about it. Anyways, even if nothing can be done about the cost, be happy knowing you were able to get such a wonderful bag...!
  14. everyone!!! can u believe me?? ijust cant wait anymore and i drove to fedex to pick it up!!!

    and the shipping ppl put such a small chanel bag in a 0.5m box!! hahah

    anyway i am goign to take some pic now.. pls wait for me
  15. Ooh I cant wait! Melrose flap is such a cute bag! Waiting!:drool: